Is it 2016 yet? The countdown to Season 20 of “The Bachelor” is on! ABC has released photos of the 28 women competing to win star Ben Higgins’ heart -- and now their bios have also come out.

It’s time for fans to pick out their favorites for the 2016 season – as well as laugh at some of the ridiculous and awkward answers given! Check out the funniest things that some of “The Bachelor” cast members admitted:


Amanda S - The Bachelor Amanda S. of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

This 25-year-old esthetician from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, has such a big fear of aging that she’s already getting Botox. Did we already say that she’s 25?!


Caila - The Bachelor Caila of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

Watch out, Ben! Caila has a LOT of deal breakers. When asked about some of her deal breakers on a date, the 24-year-old software sales rep. gave a whole list of answers: “Curses … picks their nose/overly wipes their nose … breathes heavily … is too protective too soon ... gets so cheesy that it seems fake.”

Isabel aka “Izzy”

Izzy - The Bachelor Izzy of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

Isabel REALLY doesn’t like reading. The 24-year-old graphic designer from Branford, Connecticut, admitted that she did enjoy reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” – but only got through the first 150 pages! “Then I just saw the movie,” she added.


Jennifer - The Bachelor Jennifer of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

WOAH, Jennifer! This 25-year-old small business owner has no fears about her sexuality. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jennifer admitted that if she could be any animal she’d be a dolphin. While the answer started off as sweet – they’re “beautiful” and “intelligent” – she added that they are the “only mammals to have sex for pleasure.” Bonus answer: If she could break any law it would be to “tan nude at the beach.”

Lauren aka “LB”

LB - The Bachelor LB of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

Ben might want to keep his eyes on LB at all times. The 23-year-old fashion buyer from Stillwater, Oklahoma, revealed that one of her dating pet peeves is when a guy “looks at other people.” So, does that mean he can’t make eye contact with anyone? Or maybe just women? Either way, LB may be getting in trouble by joining “The Bachelor.” She does know that she’s competing against other women, right?

Lauren H.

Lauren H. - The Bachelor Lauren H. of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

We hope Ben is truly ready to tie the knot! If Lauren H. wins “The Bachelor” she may be ready to plan her wedding immediately. The 25-year-old kindergarten teacher admitted that she has already been “pinning” wedding ideas on Pinterest!


Leah - The Bachelor Leah of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

Viewers will certainly want to keep an eye on Leah. The 25-year-old event planner from Denver, Colorado, confessed that she twerked on the wall in a dress during her interview for “The Bachelor.”


Rachel - The Bachelor Rachel of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

If Rachel, an unemployed 23 year old from Little Rock, Arkansas, could be any animal she said she would be “cookie monster.”


Tiara - The Bachelor Tiara of "The Bachelor" Season 20 Photo: ABC

Tiara previously caught our attention when ABC listed her occupation as a “chicken enthusiast.” Fortunately her bio reveals a lot more. The 26 year old from Redmond, Washington, owns her own chickens – and also considers them to be her “guiltiest pleasure.” “If I see chickens anywhere, I want to stop and hold them,” she revealed.

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