There is a hot new rumor circulating in “Bachelor Nation.” With filming underway for Ben Higgins’ installment of “The Bachelor,” there are reports that two of the contestants will look familiar to fans. Although yet to be confirmed by ABC, alums Becca Tilley and Amber James will reportedly be returning to the dating franchise.

Blogger Reality Steve broke the news late last week that Becca, 26, and Amber, 30, are throwing their hats in for another shot at love on “The Bachelor.” Both women first appeared on Chris Soules’ season last year, with Becca making it all the way to the finale before Chris ultimately decided to propose to Whitney Bischoff. Amber, on the other hand, was eliminated during episode 3 after failing to advance her relationship with Chris during a farming-inspired group date. Amber went on to join Season 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” but also failed to form a love connection despite her best attempts at wooing multiple men.

It’s pure speculation that the women will be competing for the heart of new “Bachelor” star Ben Higgins. However, their social media accounts may hold some clues. For starters, both women have been missing in action on Twitter. Becca’s last post was Sept. 22 and Amber’s was Sept. 20. Contestants on the show are cut off from social media when they leave for filming.

Becca also posted a couple of suspicious tweets before her radio silence. When Ben was first announced in August as the next lead on “The Bachelor,” Becca shared this tweet with her followers:

She also slyly responded to a fan who asked if the casting rumors were true. Becca didn’t confirm or deny that she would be a contestant on the 2016 season:

For fans of “The Bachelor,” Becca’s potential addition to the cast is a huge deal. Although more reserved than some other contestants on the series, Becca’s down-to-earth attitude made viewers – and Chris – fall for her. She even made Chris wait until their first one-on-one date in episode 6 to kiss him! And of course, fans can’t forget about her big Fantasy Suite reveal. Becca waited until the Fantasy Suite date to confess to Chris that she's a virgin.

The only question now is if Becca is ready to get married and start a family. When viewers last saw her during the season finale, Chris’ parents feared that she couldn’t fully commit to their son and be the wife he needed. She even admitted that while she was “crazy” about him, she just wasn’t ready for a proposal.

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