Decisions, decisions! “The Bachelor” star Ben Higgins definitely needs to make one in the Season 20 finale of the hit ABC reality series.

Fans of the “Bachelor” will remember that Ben told both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher that he was in love with them, but Lauren and JoJo still have no idea that Ben told both of them. So, currently, the two women are on cloud nine and completely confident in their relationships with him. However, there is still plenty of time to shake things up.

For starters, Lauren and JoJo need to meet Ben’s parents. Will that help “The Bachelor” star make his decision? Ben’s mom, Amy, admits to the cameras that she’s a little “disturbed” that her son in in love with two people at this point.

Lauren meets Ben’s family first and confesses to his parents that she’s in love with their son and has been for some time. Amy thinks that she’s a sweet girl, but is worried if she’ll be able to handle the good and the bad in a relationship. JoJo gets to meet Ben’s parents the following day, and gets emotional when she tells them how much their son means to her.

Ben’s parents think that both women are great and are clearly in love with him. However, there is something special about JoJo. They like that JoJo sees Ben as a best friend, and that they’ve already had their ups and downs. This doesn’t do anything to help Ben make up his mind, and he’s still got one-on-one dates to go on.

Lauren’s One-On-One Date

Lauren meets Ben on the water for some fun in the sun. But the two aren’t their usual playful, happy selves. Ben is quiet, and Lauren can tell that he’s got a lot on his mind. While she’s still pretty confident, Ben’s actually having second thoughts. He’s been thinking about what his parents said regarding the “ups and downs” in his relationship with JoJo. He realizes that he doesn’t know what things look like when things get hard with Lauren. “We haven’t been tested,” he tells the cameras. He worries that things have been too perfect and easy.

Things don’t get any better later that night. Ben admits to Lauren that he left their date earlier that day “confused.” That makes Lauren nervous, and she ends the night in tears when tells her that “no matter what happens” she helped make him a better person.

JoJo’s One-On-One Date

As Ben heads into his final one-on-one date with JoJo, he can’t help but think over both relationships. Yes, he had an immediate connection with Lauren. However, he’s “himself” around JoJo and can’t ignore how much their relationship has progressed since they first started out. He tells the camera that he’s going to “pray for clarity” while on his date.

The two spend the afternoon splashing around in a waterfall. But things don’t stay light hearted. JoJo starts asking him questions about their future. They never discussed what they would do if they ended up together. JoJo lives in Dallas, while Ben lives in Colorado. She tells him that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it work, but Ben can’t say the same.

He confesses that his mind is in a thousand different places and the situation is difficult. This sparks a concern in JoJo, who realizes that they’re not on the same page anymore.

Later that night JoJo is determined to get a “little bit of hope” from Ben heading into the final rose ceremony. She wants to know more about why he suddenly doubts their relationship. Unfortunately, Ben doesn’t have answers for her. And he can’t say anything to ease her worries.

As JoJo begins to cry, Ben promises that everything he’s felt up until now has been real. Besides their passion and intimacy, JoJo’s become his best friend. He even sits on the bathroom floor with her as she cries. However, he also admits that he’s in love with Lauren and told her so. That really throws JoJo off. She thought that him saying “I love you” to her was something “special.”

The Final Rose Ceremony

It’s the day of the final rose ceremony and both women are feeling completely different. Lauren truly believes that she could be engaged by the end of the day, while JoJo is completely letting fear consume her.

Both women get separate helicopter rides to meet Ben, and JoJo’s is the one to land first. That’s no good for her, but she doesn’t know that yet.

She’s ready for her fairytale to be complete. After rehashing all their romantic moments together, JoJo tells Ben that she loves him and won’t run, no matter how hard things get. Ben can’t say the same though.

He tells her that their relationship has always been real and that he found love with her … but that he found it with somebody else more. He continues that it’s difficult to say goodbye because he still doesn’t question that he loves her.

JoJo doesn’t understand where it went wrong and feels blindsided. She counters that she trusted him and that he shouldn’t have led her on like he did. However, she hugs him before she leaves and tells him that she’s happy for him.

Ben cries and admits to the cameras that JoJo doesn’t deserve what he did to her. But he can’t deny his feelings for Lauren. Before Lauren arrives, Ben places a phone call to her dad. He asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage and he says yes.

Ben can’t take the smile off his face when Lauren arrives. She tells him he’s her “person” and that she’s in love with him. When it’s his turn to talk he says that he never wants to say goodbye to her.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he continues, adding that he’s felt this strong connection with her from night one.

Ben takes out the ring and gets down on one knee. He asks Lauren if she’ll marry him and Lauren says yes.