Break out that lingerie; it’s fantasy suite night on “The Bachelor”! Things are about to get p-h-y-s-i-c-a-l as Ben Higgins takes the final three Season 20 contestants to Jamaica for some fun in the sun and deep, late night talks. But the drama storm is brewing in episode 9


Caila lands the first date of the episode. Ben’s excited to see her after their hometown date. Caila, on the other hand, is a bundle of nerves. The two actually sit in silence while a man, who clearly had no idea what he signed up for, paddled them down the Martha Brae River. Fortunately the guy was able to ditch them on the side of a river for a bite to eat. But things didn’t get any better from there.

The two meet up later for dinner where Ben calls her out for her weirdness earlier. Caila immediately snaps back into her jolly behavior where she thanks Ben for being so perceptive of her mood swings. After playing a few mind games where Ben thinks that their relationship is over, Caila finally comes clean to him — “I love you,” she tells him.

Ben doesn’t say anything back, but Caila tells the camera that she “can see it” in Ben’s eyes and “feel it” in his breath that he loves her. So, when Ben hands Caila over the fantasy suite card, Caila accepts.

“I think we should take advantage of this,” she tells him.


Like Caila the day before, Lauren is nervous about her date with Ben. She’s ready to tell him that she’s in love with him and wants to get it off her chest. The two hop on a little boat and head to a beach to help release baby sea turtles. As Ben puts it, it’s a day “full of cuteness.” But things also get emotional — and not just because they released the baby sea turtles into the wild. Ben confesses to Lauren that he cried on their hometown date when her sister asked him why he’s good enough to date her. Based on sister code, Lauren’s sister probably already told her all about this, but whatever.

“You are incredible,” he tells her, adding that she’s “beautiful, smart, sweet and sensitive.”

Later that night the two enjoy some local music and head back to the hotel to talk more. However, she still can’t find the courage to say “I love you.” She’s scared, especially since there are two other women involved still. Yet, when Ben offers her the fantasy suite card, she accepts.

It’s in the fantasy suite with a glass of champagne in hand that Lauren finally decides to confess everything.

“I feel like I’ve felt this way for a long time,” she tells him. “But I am completely in love with you and you really are the man of my dreams.”

In a shocking move, that was slightly less shocking since they advertised this moment A LOT leading up to the episode, Ben tells Lauren that he feels the same way.

“For me, I’ve known I’m in love with you for awhile,” he says.

The two repeat it a couple more times in between some kissing before kicking the cameras out of the fantasy suite. But they pick right back up where they left off in the morning.

“Things just feel right,” he says.


Lauren’s on Ben’s mind, but he’s got to focus on JoJo. Although he has strong feelings for Lauren, he still wants to explore things with JoJo before making a decision. However, he acknowledges that he’ll have to say goodbye to her at the end of the day if he doesn’t have the same strong connection.

The two embark on a romantic helicopter ride over the ocean before heading to hang out at a beautiful waterfall. It’s there that JoJo tells Ben that she’s not just “falling in love anymore.”

“I do love you,” she confesses.

Ben couldn’t possibly return those words because it’s against “The Bachelor” rules and he already told Lauren, right?! WRONG. He tells JoJo that he loves her too.

“Are you allowed to say that?” she asks, clearly knowing the rules of the show. What she doesn’t know is that he already said “I love you” to Lauren during the previous date.

Ben’s just as shocked as viewers, telling the camera that his heart is in two directions and that he doesn’t know how he’s in love with two women. So, what’s a guy to do in this situation? Not think about the future, of course!

They meet up later on that night and the subject of her family comes up. That gets Ben back to thinking of their awkward hometown date with her ex-boyfriends letter and her tough brothers. He felt like there was a lot of tension and is worried that her family won’t be supportive of their relationship. Despite that little hiccup, Ben extends the fantasy suite card to JoJo.

She accepts, and the two spend their fairytale evening getting to know each other better.

Pre-Rose Ceremony Drama

Ben returns to his hotel room after having a great night with JoJo. He tells the camera that waking up next to her reconfirmed his feelings for her — and also helped him realize that he doesn't feel the same way about Caila.

The good news is that Ben doesn’t have to make the awkward decision to go seek out Caila and break her heart — because she comes to him! Caila thinks that she’s making a romantic gesture by surprising him. What she doesn’t know is that Ben is figuring out how to say goodbye.

“I’m glad you came over,” he tells her, adding that it’s been a crazy week. When Caila asks if he’s OK, Ben uses the opportunity to tell her that he’s in love with two women … and she’s not one of them.

“It’s hard to say goodbye to you,” he says. But Caila calls him out, saying that he’s giving her lines.

Ben says goodbye to her and walks her to the car. Caila begins to cry, telling Ben before she leaves that she really did love him. She’s not ready to say goodbye, though. She jumps out of the car to ask Ben one more final question — “Did you know this week?” Ben explains that he was confused until all of the women confessed their feelings. It wasn’t until his date with JoJo that he knew what he had to do.

That’s all Caila needs to hear. After one last, long hug, the two say goodbye — again.

The Rose Ceremony

JoJo and Lauren enter the rose ceremony separately, talking to “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison on their way in. Both women tell him that Ben said “I love you,” something that surprises Chris Harrison.

Fortunately both women don’t tell each other what was said. But they quickly figure out that Ben didn’t have the same feelings for Caila. When Ben arrives he explains that he sent her home because his relationship with her wasn't on the same level. However, he does tell JoJo and Lauren that he’s more confident than ever.

He hands his first rose to JoJo, followed by Lauren. The women accept — but they’re also suspicious that Ben may be in love with both of them.