It's "Bachelor" Monday! The crazy drama continues tonight during episode 2 of the hit ABC reality show. Ben Higgins is down to 21 contestants, but not everyone will move forward after the second rose ceremony. 

First Group Date

Jackie, LB, Lauren H, Becca, Amber Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace land the first date of episode 2. Lace is ecstatic to go on this date with Ben, especially since she wants to redeem herself for her bizarre outburst after the first rose ceremony. She insists that she’s “not a crazy girl,” but only time will be able to prove that.

The group heads to “Bachelor High” to meet with Principal Chris Harrison, who explains they’ll have to work in teams to win Ben’s heart. The first test they must pass is science class, followed by “lunch” (aka bobbing for apples) and geography, which proves to be a real struggle for poor Becca and JoJo. In the end it comes down to Amber and Mandi, who face off on the track in order to win the title of homecoming queen. Although Amber is determined to win, Mandi beats her by a long shot.

In true “Bachelor” fashion, the other girls pout as Mandi gets to wear a tiara and Ben’s letter jacket as they drive around the track in a convertible. But everyone perks up a bit when they meet up with Ben on a rooftop for the second half of their date.

Becca pulls Ben aside first and the two get to really talk about her joining this season of “The Bachelor.” Ben admits that he couldn’t “quite grasp” her being there on night one but is excited to get to know her more.

Jennifer’s the next to get some one-on-one time with him, even landing a steamy kiss – something that upsets Lace. She’s determined to set things straight with Ben and pulls him aside to apologize for coming off as “negative” on night one. Ben confesses that he did feel like he was being attacked, but he can barely get out anything else because Lace keeps interrupting him.

In Lace’s crazy mind, she thinks that things are going really well. So well that she believes that they’re “eye f---ing.” And you know what comes after that – kissing. Who knows if Ben was on the same page or not, but Lace never gets that kiss because Jubilee interrupts the two.

Jubilee opens up to Ben about being born in Haiti and being adopted at the age of 6. Meanwhile, Lace is stewing over her missed lip lock with Ben. When Jubilee makes it back to the others, Lace is absolutely fuming that Jubilee had more time with Ben than her.

“You don’t see Mandi complaining and you got more time than Mandi did,” Jubilee argues. JoJo and Amber chime in that they had zero time with Ben. But Lace doesn’t care. She steals Ben away from LB, insisting that she’s “not crazy” and just needs “one more minute.”

The other girls are annoyed, but Ben doesn’t reward Lace with the group date rose. After pulling JoJo aside for a romantic talk on top of a helicopter pad, he gives her the coveted rose.


Caila gets to accompany Ben on the first one-on-one date – but they’re not alone! “Join me for a day of surprises,” the date card reads. And the surprise is none other than “Ride Along 2” stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

Ben drives Caila, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube all over Los Angeles for some comedic shenanigans. Kevin Hart makes Ben pull over to buy flowers off of a street venue, while Ice Cube pulls “The Bachelor” star into a liquor store to buy hard liquor and condoms. But the highlight is a dip in a hot tub – at a hot tub store.

Overall, the “Ride Along 2” stars approve of Caila, calling her a “sweet girl.” But Ben and Caila are happy to get some real one-on-one time over dinner. Ben uses the time to ask Caila about what she’s looking for in a man, as well as her past relationships. Caila fully opens up, explaining that she wants to be with someone with not only compliments her, but who she feels “right” with. That’s just what Ben wants to hear, because he gives her the date rose before they head to a private concert from singer Amos Lee.

Second Group Date

Emily, Shushanna, Sam, Olivia, Hailey and Amanda head off to Love Lab Technologies for the second group date of episode 2. The girls are confused, and for good reason. Ben is trying to see if science can actually help him find love.

One of the first tests involves “odor.” The contestants have to run on a treadmill before Ben takes a whiff. Things go well for everyone – accept for Sam. Although he’s blindfolded, Ben says out loud that she smells “sour.”

Meanwhile, Olivia is feeling super confident and it shows when they get back their test results. Sam lands the lowest score with 2.42 out of 10, and Olivia gets the highest with 7.45 out of 10.

“Something really special happened between you two,” Dr. Love tells Ben and Olivia.

Tension is high as the group heads out for the second half of their date, and Ben pulling Olivia aside first doesn’t help the situation. Amanda feels like she’s on the “Ben and Olivia show.”

As the others sit and wait outside, Olivia tells Ben that her score does not surprise her because she feels the “compatibility” and “connection” between them. And Ben doesn’t deny it. He moves in for a kiss that Olivia calls “magical.”

Olivia eventually returns to the others and plays some mind games with them. She refuses to talk about what happened between her and Ben after questioning the other women about where they’re going to take him during their alone time. Amanda knows that Olivia is trying to get in their heads and doesn’t appreciate it – but she does let it get to her. She decides that she has to tell Ben about her kids in order to feel better about the situation.

Ben says it’s “incredible” that Amanda is a mom of two and thinks that she makes much more sense now. But that’s not enough to land her the group date rose. Instead, he gives it to Olivia.

“Two for two,” she tells the cameras. “I don’t know what rose ceremonies are really.”

Woah, did Olivia just become the new villain of the house?

Cocktail Party Drama

Everyone without a rose is nervous heading into the second rose ceremony, but Ben tries to make the women feel comfortable during the cocktail party. Olivia, on the other hand, is trying to make the others feel as uncomfortable as possible.

“He’s my man at this point,” she says to the cameras, explaining that she plans on taking Ben to a secret spot to kiss him until his “lips fall off.” Everyone is onto how evil she is – especially when she returns from her alone time with Ben.

“Well, I’m done,” she tells the others. “Everyone have at it and I hope you can respect that.”

Lace continues to drink and Ben admits that her night one meltdown was a turn off for him. But before things can get too weird, Lauren B rescues him from Lace.

Despite not getting a date this week, Ben does make Lauren B feel special by giving her a photo of them together from night one. “I was thinking about you a lot,” he says to her.

But she’s not the only one he was thinking about. He gives Lauren H a first place ribbon for “largest explosion” at the science fair, and pulls Amanda aside to make rose hair clips with her for her two daughters. It’s a sweet moment – but then comes the rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

JoJo, Caila and Olivia enter the episode 2 rose ceremony with date roses, meaning that they are safe from elimination this week. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as those three.

Amanda lands the first rose, followed by Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace – yes, you read that right, Lace. By some miracle she survives another rose ceremony. Ben calls LB’s name next, but instead of accepting the rose, LB asks to speak to him outside.

“It’s really hard for me to be here and I’m not sure I can do it,” she tells him before deciding to leave.

Ben decides to keep LB’s rose in play to give it to a contestant that he would have sent home. The rose ceremony continues with Jennifer, Emily, Jami, Lauren H, Shushanna and Hailey getting roses. When it comes to the final one, Ben gifts it to Amber. Sam, Mandi and Jackie are eliminated in episode 2 of "The Bachelor," knocking the cast down to 17 contestants.