Better pack your sunscreen, Lace, because you’ll need it while you’re soaking up the rays in Mexico. During the 2016 Television Critics Association press tour, “Bachelor in Paradise” creator Mike Fleiss revealed that Season 20 “Bachelor” contestant Lace Morris would be starring in the third installment of the drama-ridden summer series.

“Lace will be there,” the executive producer dished, confirming her participation on the show, in addition to the series’ renewal.

While the news of Lace’s gig comes as an exciting announcement for fans, it basically seals Lace’s fate on “The Bachelor.” That’s right, it looks like Ben Higgins will be giving Lace the bachelor boot sometime during the 2016 series. And considering Lace acted a bit “erratic” in the premiere episode, we have a feeling she’ll be left standing roseless sooner rather than later.

In the first episode of the season, Lace left a bitter taste in the mouths of viewers when she called Ben out for not making eye contact with her at the rose ceremony — and that was after she received her flower. Lace made a lasting impression, and it wasn’t exactly a good one.

So, in the installment Monday, Jan. 11, Lace will attempt to redeem herself in Ben’s eyes after her poor behavior in the premiere. But will her “desperate” seeking of redemption save her from getting eliminated? Perhaps. But it won’t save her for long.

Lace will continue on her quest for love in “Bachelor in Paradise” when Season 3 airs on ABC this summer. Season 20 of “The Bachelor” airs on ABC Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST.