Break out the bottle of wine! You’re not going to want to miss Monday’s installment of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The ABC reality series left off on Tuesday with Evan deciding to go after Amanda, interrupting her and Josh in the middle of one of their steamy and public make out sessions. The episode ended before fans could watch Evan pull the single mom of two away for a romantic dinner in the tree house, but a preview for episode 3A teases that it won’t end well.

“I want Amanda to see the real Josh,” Evan tells the cameras. What exactly does that mean, though? Evan appeared on JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette, and Josh was on Andi Dorfman’s season, so the two men don’t know each other. However, Evan has been hanging out with Nick a lot, and Nick revealed some details from Andi’s tell-all book that don’t exactly paint Josh in a flattering light. Josh clearly doesn’t like what Evan tells Amanda, because he confronts him in another clip from the preview.

Is that how Evan ends up at the hospital? Promo videos for Season 3 have been teasing that Evan will get carted away in an ambulance, but it’s not exactly clear what happens. The synopsis only states that things will “take a shocking turn when one overly excited bachelor goes to extreme measures to win back his former fling.” The episode 3A description continues that his “desperate actions bring both his crush and the medics rushing to his bedside.”

That’s not the only drama to look forward to on Monday. The first ever “double-date” card will arrive! “Bachelor in Paradise” fans can only assume that the date card is for twins Haley and Emily — but who will they ask to join them on the double date? Emily is smitten with Jared, and Haley went out with Brandon last Tuesday. However, Haley may no longer be interested in Brandon since he failed to tell the twins apart when they switched places. But both women might end up with their heartbroken when Caila from Ben Higgins’ season turns up. The promo video shows that the brunette beauty will have an immediate attraction to Jordan.

Catch “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3, episode 3A when it airs on ABC on Monday, August 15 at 8 p.m. EDT.