The drama never ends on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Things appeared to be looking up for Ashley when Wells made his grand entrance in episode 5A. Jared and Caila were hopeful that the two would hit it off, giving them some peace to grow their own relationship. While Ashley and Wells did enjoy a romantic evening out, the arrival of Jami shook things up. Upon finding out that Jami asked Wells out on a date, Ashley resorted back to obsessing over Jared and Caila. The latest installment of the ABC reality series concluded with Caila making the decision to leave Paradise in order to remove herself from Ashley’s drama — but will she follow through on that?

A promo video for Tuesday’s episode reveals that Caila’s not joking about leaving. She has her bags packed and is heading for the car in one clip. Ashley thinks that she finally succeeded in ending Jared and Caila’s relationship, but Jared might be willing to go after his new love interest.

“I have to choose whether I stay in Paradise or go after Caila,” he says in the trailer.

That’s not the only drama going down on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Another “Bachelor” beauty will go after Wells, forcing Ashley to compete with two women. Shushanna from Ben Higgins’ season arrives and immediately sets her sights on Wells. He accepts her date and finds himself in a sticky situation heading into the next rose ceremony — he’s got feelings for all three women.

Shushanna won’t be the only new arrival Tuesday night. Lauren H. from Ben’s season will potentially tear Izzy and Brett apart when she shows up with a date card. Will Izzy regret dumping Vinny for her new man?

Watch “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3, episode 5B when it airs on ABC on Tuesday, August 30 at 8 p.m. EDT.