Break out the tissues, “Bachelor in Paradise” fans! This week’s installment has the cast on Heartbreak Island.

Last week’s episode of the ABC reality show left off right before the rose ceremony. Two women were on the chopping block, and everyone wanted to secure their place in Paradise. Ashley made one last ditch effort to try to win over Jared, however, her plan backfired when Jared turned the tables on her. With strong feelings developing for Caila, Jared told Ashley that he’d rather go home than deal with the messy love triangle she created.

Episode 4A on Monday kicks off with Ashley still in tears. She can’t get over Jared, but Jared is completely over the situation.

“I sincerely don’t want to be here,” he tells her. “I could care less. It’s so unfair for us to be having this conversation right now.”

Ashley still doesn’t get it. She insists that she came to Paradise in order to get over Jared, but then tells him that she doesn’t think she’s ever going to find someone like him. Jared flat out tells her that he likes Caila, and the only thing left for Ashley to do is sit in the cabana and cry.

With the rose ceremony quickly approaching, the one wild card is Daniel. The single women — Sarah, Ashley and twins Emily and Haley — make last ditch attempts to win over the Canadian bachelor. Sarah bakes Daniel a cake for his half-birthday, while Emily makes Haley give Daniel a kiss. Ashley pulls him aside later with the hope that their date from the other night (plus the fact that she’s a virgin) will influence his decision. But who will win his heart?

Nick and Jennifer are coupled up, as well as Josh and Amanda, and Grant and Lace. Vinny gives his rose to Izzy, followed by Evan, who gifts his rose to Carly. Jared goes with his heart and asks Caila to stay in Paradise with him. That leaves Daniel, who surprises everyone by giving Haley his rose. Haley accepts, giving her and Emily another week in Paradise. His rose sends Ashley and Sarah packing … but Ashley isn’t ready to say goodbye. She makes the car stop and returns to beg the cast to let her stay. Although Nick and Carly are clearly ready to be rid of Ashley, everyone else — including Jared — gives her the OK to stick it out for another week.

Carl and Brett from Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette” arrive and shake up the relationships in the house. Carl goes after Emily, who is single and attracted to him, while Brett asks out Caila. Despite accepting Jared’s rose the night before, Caila immediately says yes to the date with Brett. However, she changes her mind when she talks to Jared — and then changes her mind again. Ultimately, after flip-flopping a couple of times, Caila decides to go out with Brett.

Emily, Carl, Caila and Brett head out for a wild afternoon on a party boat. Emily and Carl hit it off, but the date is not exactly Caila’s thing. It does give her some “clarity” about her relationship with Jared, though. She returns to tell him that while she doesn’t like pressure, she’s interested in seeing where things go. That’s another tough blow for Ashley, who was hoping that Caila would form a connection with Brett.

Carl and Brett are not the only newcomers to arrive in Paradise. Ryan from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette” also shows up. His original plan was to ask out Sarah, but she was eliminated the night before. Jared tries to push Ashley on him, however, Ryan decides to ask out Haley. Haley gladly accepts the date, especially since Daniel has been creeping on her ever since the rose ceremony.

With love blooming in Paradise, Grant makes a move to do something special for Lace. He sets up a couples massage and tells her that he’s in love with her. His words make Lace tear up, but she can’t say it back. She does admit to the cameras that she does have strong feelings for him.

Izzy and Vinny’s relationship is not as solid. While Vinny tells the cameras that he’s falling for Izzy more and more, Izzy is interested in pursuing a relationship with Brett. After feeling out the newcomer, she admits to Vinny that her stomach flipped when she saw him come in. Vinny’s not sure if they’re over for good, but he does confess that it would be hard for things to be the same.