“The Bachelorette” with Andi Dorfman has only been on for two weeks, but sparks are already starting to fly. The 26-year-old Atlanta native has narrowed her search down to 16 guys. However based on her body language and exchanges between the contestants, we’re already speculating who her top 5 contenders are …


Bachelorette Eric of "The Bachelorette" Photo: ABC

As we previously reported, Eric Hill died in a tragic paragliding accident in April after he concluded filming for “The Bachelorette.” At the time of his death, Andi had reportedly been filming the hometown dates episode. The ABC show decided not to cut his footage and to dedicate Season 10 to the 32-year-old world traveler.

“Bachelorette” fans were heartbroken as they got the chance to learn more about Eric when he won the first one-on-one date with Andi. The connection the two shared while on their outing was undeniable, with Eric opening up about past frightening experiences and his desire to start a family.


Bachelorette Chris of "The Bachelorette" Photo: ABC

Chris, 32, may have come off as a little shy during the Season 10 premiere, however he totally broke out the charm in his first one-on-one date with Andi in episode 2. The farmer from Lamont, Iowa showed the bachelorette that he was serious about looking for “the one,” and even admitted to being previously engaged. And thanks to his honesty and willingness to open up, Andi rewarded him with a rose … and a kiss. Sparks were flying as the pair locked lips while dancing to a private performance by This Wild Life.


Bachelorette Marcus of "The Bachelorette" Photo: ABC

Andi has had a thing for Marcus right from the start. As the first guy to get out of the limo in the premiere, Andi was immediately impressed, telling the cameras that she thought he was hot. While she was a little surprised at how different he seemed after getting a chance to speak with her, that didn’t stop her from ogling him during his solo strip tease performance for “The Bachelor Gives Back.”

And the feelings seem to be mutual. While Marcus hasn’t had a one-on-one date with her yet, he kept his eyes on her the entire time that he was performing his erotic dance routine.

Nick V.

Bachelorette Nick V. of "The Bachelorette" Photo: ABC

Nick V. won the first impression rose, which means that he’s automatically in a special position with Andi. The bachelorette liked how sweet he was and how easily he opened up about his family, however Nick V. didn’t end up landing a one-on-one date or group date in episode 2. While that made the contestant nervous about his standing with Andi, he went out of his way to show her that he was there for her – date or no date.

The contestant won Andi (and viewers) over when he presented her with her own date card – “Let’s get things popping.” Whisking her away from the other guys, Nick V. popped open a bottle of champagne and got right down to business, asking her what she’s looking for in a man and why she thinks she hasn’t found it.

Josh M.

Bachelorette Josh M. of "The Bachelorette" Photo: ABC

Andi admitted that Josh M. is just her type … but she also acknowledged that her “type” could be the reason why she’s still single. The bachelorette wants to be very open with the dating process on the reality show, which is why she hasn’t eliminated Josh M. However Josh M. knows that he’s a walking stereotype in the house.

Pulling her aside during their group date, Josh M. explained to her that he’s not like every other  athlete and that he’s looking to get serious. And it appears like Andi believed him, because during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party the pair locked lips outside.

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