It wouldn’t be “The Bachelorette” without some drama! On May 19, Season 10 of ABC’s hit reality show premiered and introduced its newest star, Andi Dorfman, and the 25 hot guys vying for a chance to win her heart. The wooing began immediately as everyone fought to get the first impression rose. But what no one realized was that a party crasher was waiting in the driveway in an attempt to win Andi’s love all on his own.

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So, who was the premiere party crasher? None other than Chris Bukowski of Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette”!

Not familiar with the ABC alum? The now 27-year-old from Chicago was featured in the 2012 season and made it all the way to hometown dates with Emily Maynard. Despite telling the blonde beauty that he was in love with her, Emily ultimately made the decision to send him packing after deciding that their relationship hadn’t grown as fast as the others. Chris ended up moving on to appear on “The Bachelor Pad.”

The former contestant showed up at the “Bachelorette” mansion with a bouquet of roses during Andi’s first cocktail party in an attempt to meet her and get a chance to prove himself. However, security stopped him at the gate and Chris was forced to beg “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison to plead his case to Andi.

And unfortunately for the party crasher, Andi wasn’t biting. Despite having a single thought that her future husband could be waiting in the driveway at that very moment, Andi made the decision to respect the guys in the house by not letting Chris in.

Needless to say, Chris Bukowski seemed devastated about the missed opportunity, explaining to Chris Harrison that he had basically been stalking the house for seven days waiting for filming to start. While it didn’t seem like he was going to leave the grounds, a small threat about things getting ugly led him to hand over the bouquet of roses and head for the exit -- yet not before looking back with a piece of hope in his eyes.

Chris might not have a chance to talk to Andi on screen, but the alum took to Twitter during the premiere to speak about his crashing the set.

“I should have went through the back entrance. #bachelorette,” he posted.

And he didn’t stop there. A short time later he followed up by actually tweeting at the bachelorette herself.

“@AndiDorfman you looked amazing, by the way,” he tweeted to his followers.

But was Chris Bukowski’s party crashing attempt a stunt? Or was he truly there to find love with Andi Dorfman? According to host Chris Harrison, the event was not staged.

“I was literally sitting in the control room when I hear, ‘Chris Bukowski is downstairs’ and I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’” he told TV Guide. “They were like, ‘He’s with security at craft service. Most people will assume we produced this and put this together, but you see how awfully produced it was and rough it was. If we had produced this it wouldn’t looked a lot better. We had a security guard there cracking jokes!”

Was the alum looking for another five minutes of fame? Chris Harrison doesn’t believe so.

“I honestly felt terrible,” he continued to TV Guide. “He took a shot, and I think he did want to meet Andi and I respect that he did and I felt horrible I was the one to go down and say this isn’t going to happen. I think he assumed he’d at least get a chance to talk with her. When I told him no I thought he was going to bolt up the driveway. I was praying he wouldn’t. Otherwise it’s like we’ll have to call in help.”

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