The hometown dates are finally here! JoJo Fletcher and her remaining bachelors have been living it up in Argentina for the past few weeks, but “The Bachelorette” is returning to the U.S. in episode 8. The 25-year-old real estate developer is meeting the families of her final four contestants — and she couldn’t be more confused.

The synopsis for the ABC reality show teases that JoJo’s “spirit and resilience is about to be tested by the men and their loved ones, as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time.” She’s developed strong relationships with each of the guys, however, some events that go down during hometown dates may result in a shocking elimination.

JoJo will meet Chase’s family first in episode 8, followed by Jordan’s family. The 27-year-old former professional quarterback has been labeled a frontrunner in the competition, but his life at home might make JoJo uncomfortable. After he opened up to her last week about his brother, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, JoJo will discover that Jordan is “not as confident as he seems.”

JoJo may have bigger issues with Robby though. The bachelorette will hear some new gossip about Robby’s previous relationship, which will cause her to question their connection. But is this gossip true? Or is Robby being set up by a jealous ex?

Hometown dates will end with an “old-fashioned barbecue” at Luke’s. Promo photos show JoJo happily celebrating with his family, but that good attitude won’t last long. One bachelor will “blindside” JoJo with a “surprising confession” at the rose ceremony.

Who is going home? Fans of “The Bachelorette” will just have to tune in on Monday, July 18 at 8 p.m. EDT to find out!