Tonight is the night! “The Bachelorette” is back after a week hiatus and a lot is on the line. JoJo spared a contestant from getting sent home in episode 6, which means that two men are getting the boot by the end of episode 7. With only one date rose available ahead of the elimination ceremony, the men will be fighting to secure their spot for hometown dates.

Alex’s One-On-One Date

JoJo is taking the six remaining men — Alex, Chase, James, Jordan, Luke and Robby — into the Argentina countryside to continue their journey to find love. Alex lands a little extra alone time when JoJo chooses him to ride up with. Meanwhile, the other men have to take a bus.

Alex has yet to have a one-on-one date, so he needs the alone time with JoJo desperately. But unfortunately for him, things get off to an awkward start. Alex acts more like a goofy friend and a lover, and JoJo admits that she’s having a hard time connecting with him romantically.

Things take a turn though when the duo stop at a farm to spend the day like a gaucho. The outing allows them to connect more spiritually, but that’s still not enough for JoJo. Later on when Alex confesses that he’s falling in love with her, JoJo breaks the cold hard truth to him — she just doesn’t feel the same.

“I don’t feel as excited as I should feel,” she explains. “And that kills me because I wanted to be able to say so badly that I was falling in love with you too. But I just couldn’t say that.”

Realizing that it’s not fair to drag him along for the entire week, (although he would probably love to spend the rest of the week at a luxury polo club with the rest of the guys), JoJo breaks up with him right then and there.

Alex is devastated and completely taken by surprise. He was so confident after his day with her and can’t look her in the eyes as they say goodbye.

Jordan’s One-On-One Date

Jordan lands the second one-on-one date and that threatens some of the other guys. However, Alex’s surprise elimination shook everyone up, and they’re hopeful that JoJo will see the side of Jordan they see.

The pair spends the afternoon at a vineyard before sitting down later that evening to talk. It’s a big night for JoJo, who can picture a life with him. But does Jordan feel the same?

He explains that he hasn’t brought a girl home to meet his family in years, but is excited to take her. His brother, professional football player Aaron Rodgers, won’t be there though. Jordan reveals that he doesn’t “have much of a relationship” with his brother. He adds that he doesn’t have hard feelings, it’s “just how things go.”

JoJo appreciates him opening up, and Jordan’s not done there.

“I am so in love with you,” he confesses.

JoJo’s ecstatic to hear that, but unlike her ex Ben Higgins, she doesn’t say it back.

The Group Date

Chase, James and Robby land the group date with JoJo. And this happens to be the only date with a rose on the line. Whoever gets the rose is definitely taking JoJo home to meet their family during hometown dates. JoJo was going to take them out for an adventurous afternoon, but rain keeps them indoors. They hang out at JoJo’s hotel room, ordering room service and playing games.

The bachelorette is having a great time goofing around with the guys. However, James decides to stir up problems for Robby, who he sees as a frontrunner in the competition. James tells JoJo that Robby is constantly eyeing other girls and that they nicknamed him “Wandering Eye Robby.” Of course this upsets Robby, but he digs himself in a bigger hole.

While spending a little alone time with JoJo, Robby says that his family didn’t like his ex-girlfriend, who he dated for three years. And to top it off, their breakup is pretty recent. They ended their relationship four and a half months ago. This causes JoJo to question whether he’s truly fully recovered from it and ready to move on.

Robby was able to smooth over JoJo’s uncertainty because she decides to give him the group date rose. Chase and James are upset, feeling that they really opened up and connected with her. JoJo makes it worse when she reveals that their night is over. The rose not only secures Robby’s hometown date, but also gives him more alone time with her.

Luke’s One-On-One Date

Luke has the final one-on-one date of episode 7. The couple rides horses before trying skeet shooting. It’s a carefree afternoon, and Luke uses the time to open up about how excited he is to take her home. But their date doesn’t last long. JoJo knows what she wants to do about eliminations and decides that she wants to go straight into the final rose ceremony.

The Final Rose Ceremony

Robby is the only contestant with a rose heading into the elimination. Only three roses are left and there are four contestants without roses. JoJo gives the first rose to Luke, followed by Jordan. The final rose goes to Chase, eliminating James from the competition.

With James and Alex gone, the four men heading on the hometown dates are Robby, Luke, Jordan and Chase.