He’s baaaack! JoJo Fletcher sent contestant Chad packing during episode 4 of “The Bachelorette,” however, Chad Bear wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the other guys in the house.

Last week’s episode concluded with The Chad whistling a chilling tune while returning to confront the other guys. What viewers see this week in episode 5 is that the men were celebrating Chad’s departure by spreading his leftover protein powder like ashes. Needless to say, they were surprised to find him standing at the door.

Chad comes back to tell his side of the story. He says that JoJo thought he was “too intense or something,” but adds that Alex spent his one-on-one time obsessing over him. Basically, he wants to tell them that he apologizes for nothing. Despite that, Jordan tries to make peace. But Chad pulls a Chad and tries to intimidate him by gripping his hand tightly. Knowing that they’re not going to get anywhere with him, the guys all agree to just walk away from the situation — but not before Evan makes one last attempt to get $20 out of Chad for a new shirt. (Obviously he’s unsuccessful.)

Rose Ceremony

The guys are pumped heading into the rose ceremony. Alex was able to slay the Chad Dragon, and they think that the worst is over. Unfortunately, new issues rise. The men get upset when they watch Robby lock lips with JoJo outside. James F. also gets frustrated with Alex, who interrupts some special one-on-one time. It’s a tense situation heading into the ceremony with roses on the line.

Jordan, Alex and Luke have date roses heading into the rose ceremony. Derek lands the first rose, followed by Robby, Chase, Wells, Grant, Vinny and James T. The final rose goes to Evan, eliminating Daniel and James F.

Daniel takes it pretty hard.

First One-On-One Date

It’s time to take JoJo’s journey to find love international. The remaining contestants pack their bags to head to Uruguay, but it’s Jordan who gets the first one-on-one date. Jordan’s ecstatic to get some alone time with JoJo. As for the other guys? They’re not so pleased.

As Jordan joins JoJo on a boat to go swim with the seals, the other guys begin discussing whether Jordan has other motives for being on “The Bachelorette.” One person thinks that he’s “playing the game” just to “get another stamp on his passport.”

“I don’t trust the guy,” Derek says.

But soon their trust issues get redirected towards JoJo. Thinking back to the past couple of group dates, they realize that two of them were focused on football — and Jordan just so happens to be a former pro football player.

Jordan and JoJo have a great afternoon before meeting up that night for dinner. Jordan says that he’s falling in love with her, which makes JoJo happy. However, she still has concerns about their relationship. JoJo reveals that prior to coming on the show she met one of Jordan’s exes. The ex claimed that there were trust issues in their relationship, and that he wasn’t that great of a boyfriend. JoJo wants to get to the bottom of it.

Jordan immediately takes a sip of his cocktail when JoJo brings up the topic. He admits it “wasn’t the greatest” relationship and tries to explain that he’s at a different point in his life. Previously he was focused on his football career, and put other things on the backburner. However, he insists that he was always faithful — just maybe immature.

That’s all JoJo needed to hear.

Group Date

Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, James, Vinny, Grant, Wells and Alex land the group date in episode 5. The card from JoJo reads that she can’t stand to be away from them. But they’re not exactly happy to go on the date. While JoJo was out with Jordan, the guys found a tabloid that claimed JoJo got back together with her ex-boyfriend, Chad, after Ben dumped her. According to the magazine’s sources, JoJo broke things off with Chad when she found out that she landed “The Bachelorette.”

The contestants are torn. Some are afraid that she’s there for the wrong reasons, while the others think it’s a non-issue. When JoJo finds out about the article she decides to face the guys that night instead of letting it ruin their group date.

She immediately tears up, telling them that she really cares about them and doesn’t want them to be worried about whether she’s there for the right reasons. She explains that her relationship with Chad was a “terrible time” in her life, and that her ex can’t let anyone be happy. The guys all tell her that she doesn’t need to worry. And even if they did have a fling before “The Bachelorette,” a real gentleman wouldn’t blab about it to tabloids.

With that fiasco behind them, the group heads out to go sand surfing. It’s a fun day of playing, but some of the men begin to have issues with watching JoJo interact with others. Derek decides to talk to her about it later on during their cocktail party. He explains that landing the first one-on-one date at the beginning of the season threw him off. He felt this connection with her, which makes watching her with other guys that much more frustrating. JoJo decides to give Derek the group date rose as reassurance of their relationship. That upsets Alex, who feels like Derek used his insecurity to get a “pity rose.”

Second One-On-One Date

Robby has the final one-on-one date of the week and joins JoJo on a romantic afternoon exploring the town. The two end up going cliff jumping, an act that JoJo would only do if she trusted Robby. (It also doesn’t hurt that Robby is an Olympic swimmer.)

Later the two continue to talk over dinner, where Robby opens up about losing his best friend in a car accident. He tells JoJo that the death of his friend changed his life, and he wants to live each day to the fullest. He also decides to confess to JoJo that he’s in love with her. JoJo can’t say it back, but she does thank him with the date rose.

The Rose Ceremony

Derek is feeling some negative energy from a couple of the other guys heading into the rose ceremony and decides to confront them about it. He feels like Alex, Robby, Chase and Jordan are being clicky and ganging up on him. Jordan disagrees, but Chase has no interest in discussing the topic right then and there. Since Derek has a rose and he doesn’t, Chase just wants to spend the night focusing on his connection with JoJo.

Things get even worse when host Chris Harrison reveals that JoJo is canceling the cocktail party. She’s forged some great relationships this week and already has her mind made. Three of the guys are going home.

Jordan, Derek and Robby have their roses already. JoJo gives Luke the first rose, followed by Chase, Alex and James. The final rose goes to Wells, eliminating Evan, Grant and Vinny from the competition in episode 5.