Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann Monday continued to pound away at Obama's weak handling of the economy as the president holed himself up on the exclusive island enclave of Martha's Vineyard.

Bachmann, who won the Iowa Straw Poll last week, traveled to South Carolina to hold political rallies that called attention to the anemic economy during Obama's presidency.

The stock market continues to plunge deeper. Unemployment lines are growing longer. Our debt is increasing by billions. Yet, in the midst of everything, President Obama would rather give a speech later than act now, she said.

Bachmann said that Obama's home state of Illinois suffers from unemployment numbers higher than the nation's already sky-high average. During a visit to Illinois, Obama promised to make a speech about jobs sometime in September in a ploy to buy his beleaguered administration time to fix the economy, according to Bachmann.

It seems like every time poor economic news threatens his prospects for re-election, President Obama gives yet another speech, but Americans need a real plan to solve our economic problems and create jobs, not more empty rhetoric, she said.