While blasting President Barack Obama, D-Ill., for wasting tax dollars and frequenting the politically correct line, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, had a promise for Granite State voters: she'd run the White House with a titanium spine.

The American people have had enough.They've had it up to here, Bachmann told a crowd of roughly 250 gathered in a Raymond, N.H. backyard. President Obama, you are a one-term president ... We can't afford four more years of millions of Americans out of work. We can't afford it. It's got to go, The Boston Herald reported.

New Hampshire is Bachmann's second stop on her three-announcement tour.

In a 20-minute speech, Bachmann spoke of her economic know-how, ability to load a shotgun, and her ability to speak off-the-cuff.

President Bachmann will be banning the teleprompter from the White House. You'll be getting uncut, uncensored, you'll be getting the unvarnished truth out of the White House because that's what the American people deserve, she said, taking a deliberate swing at Obama's heavy use of teleprompters.

The Republican Minnesotan was greeted with signs reading Bachmann for President and Tea Party flags saying Don't tread on me.

Bachmann even went so far as to offer a peep into her private life, saying that she and her husband's first dates were spent visiting the elderly in nursing homes. The audience chuckled and she added, Well, I didn't tell you what we did afterwards...we do, you know, have red blood in us. What can I say?

She was quick to note their children wouldn't appreciate the anecdote.