Sam Morrison's dad bet him that he couldn't do a backflip every day of 2011. Armed with a video camera and an arsenal of tricks, Morrison set out to prove him wrong by producing a backflip video - a video that would record 365 days of flipping, flying, and falling.

Come rain, come shine, Morrison documents his upside down year. He jumps off walls into snowdrifts and piers into rivers. From dreary Ontario to the sunny Virgin Islands, he jumps clothed, partially clothed, and in the buff. There are standing backflips, wall flips, and gainers. Streets are turned into playgrounds as Morrison climbs trees, poles, and signposts. There's blood. There's guts. And there's glory.

It's a fun concept, Morrison says on his YouTube page. To do a backflip each day requires that, at one point in the day, I was pumped up enough, physically ready, and dressed appropriately to be able to do such a physical act.

Sounds simple, right? Morrison questions. Well it's not as easy as it sounds. You may figure that a backflip takes all of four seconds to do. But it's more difficult than that. This feat isn't about testing my physical ability to do a backflip each day. It's more of a mental feat.

The flipping ended on Dec. 31 at a family trip to the bowling alley.

Morrison -- a.k.a. Sam The Cobra -- did all this for a measly $100 (all in singles) from his pops Mitch, but his growing Internet fame is sure to make it worth his while. One Backflip A Day was viewed tens of thousands of times in its first 48 hours online.

The Syracuse University junior, who expects to graduate with a BS in Information Management and Technology, catalogued the year-long project on his Tumblr page. What you see in the video below is really just a highlight reel. Morrison used only 153 of the total 365 stunts in the final cut and has much more footage posted on Tumblr.

So what's next for Morrison? The amateur acrobat plans to flip his way through every continent from North America to Australia starting this summer.

Watch the video below set to the Glitch Mob Remix of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes: