The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 in New York late Wednesday combined fashion, lingerie, models, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

The annual lingerie show will be televised next month. The performance draws an enormous audience and has become a spectacle featuring lingerie and models, but also hip-hop talents and light shows.  Last year, the show was the most-watched network program in its time slot, with approximately nine million U.S. viewers, the Wall Street Journal reported.

There are electronic wings, there are things that light up and have remote controls, but luckily mine are butterfly wings that are very easy to walk in, model Lily Aldridge told the WSJ before Wednesday's show. The most challenging thing I would say is working out. It's a lot of pressure. There are so many eyes on us with millions and millions of people watching.

Backstage the mood was hectic as the angels prepared for the show. There were tables overflowing with makeup, hair spray, hair extensions and brushes.The models were clad in shiny pink silk robes pre-show as they prepared their hair and makeup for the runway.