Spencer will have to meet someone from his past in “Ballers” episode 9, in order to overcome the psychological problems that he has been facing. Meanwhile Joe will have to explore new career options. [Spoiler alert]

The promo video of the next episode shows that Spencer [Dwayne Johnson] revealing that he is haunted by the fact that he tackled a man when he was playing professional football and the injured man never got to play football again. The doctor advises him to confront his past and meet the man.

Another video released by HBO shows writer and executive producer Evan Reilly explaining that just because Spencer’s brain scan did not revealed any problem, it doesn’t mean that a problem may not arise eventually. Apart from the psychological problem that the character is facing, the previous episode also revealed that Spencer has had a dark past.

Angela [Angelina Assereto] had said in the previous episode of “Ballers” that she wanted to see the look on his face when he gave her the money in exchange for the photos of Vernon [Donovan W. Carter.] Angela was angry about the way Spencer had treated her when the two of them used to be together. Reilly said that the episode showed that Spencer had to accept the fact that he has mistreated some of the women in his life in the past.

Spencer was seen accepting his mistake and it was only then that Angela accepted the money. A mid-season trailer video of the TV series shows that he will now go to meet the former football player he had injured. Spencer will also have to choose between joining a new firm that Joe [Rob Corddry] plans to start and taking over a new position at Anderson Financial.

Meanwhile, Charles Greane [Omar Benson Miller] is getting back to the field to practice playing football. Vernon will get a new deal from the Dallas team and Spencer will have a hard time convincing his client to take-up the time bound offer before it expires. The promo video of “Ballers” episode 9 does not show what happens next with Ricky Jerret [John David Washington] after his failed attempts to get his girlfriend back.