The 10th anniversary of the Bamboozle Festival is quickly approaching, and to celebrate the upcoming three-day show, we chatted with Jeremy Hiebert of Comeback Kid, one of the over 84 acts performing. The Bamboozle Festival will be taking place in Asbury Park from Friday, May 18 to Sunday, May 20, with the hardcore band performing that Sunday.

Hiebert, guitarist for Comeback Kid broke down festival life for us. For him, one of the best parts of playing a festival is hanging out with friends. With Comeback Kid forming in 2002 they have made some friends along the way, Hiebert explains. Nine times out of 10 there are usually bands that we're friends with, the guitarist says of playing festivals. That's usually the best part - Catching up with old friends. One of these bands their excited to see is New Jersey band, The Bouncing Souls, who are also playing that Sunday.

Thinking collectively for the band, Hiebert says that if he could have one Bamboozle performer join them on stage it would be the Foo Fighters. They're one of those bands that have a great reputation of being stand up dudes, says Hiebert. Super cool and have a super energetic show. Speaking for fans of both bands, I think an on stage collaboration would be greatly approved. Unfortunately the Foo Fighters are playing on Saturday, May 19.

Besides seeing other bands, Hiebert mentions that fans contribute to the craziness that makes festivals enjoyable. For Hiebert, his craziest encounter with fans occurred at a festival in Germany. When a drum stick was thrown into the crowd and it was caught by three men...and none of them were willing to let go of it. They would not let go, Hiebert says laughing. About an hour later we were signing autographs and they were still holding the f***ing stick. The three guys came up and were like 'What are we supposed to do?'

While festivals can be amusing, Hiebert warns Bamboozle fans, If it's hot weather [drink] lots of water, especially if you're drinking. It's really easy to get dehydrated. The guitarist offers one more piece of advice for an enjoyable time at Bamboozle. Get a good night sleep the night before.

Bamboozle definitely won't be all work and no play for Hiebert. If there is time, I would like to walk around, he says of his visit to the Jersey Shore. We played in that area a long time. There is definitely one place that the guitarist would like to go to though. There's a nude beach, Hiebert says laughing while trying to remember where it was. Hopefully I can get back because I'm a nudist and I love nude sunbathing.

Check out Jeremy Hiebert and the rest of Comeback Kid on Sunday, May 20. Hiebert also has an awesome blog ( which features sweet pictures, life on the road and delicious sounding vegan recipes.