The Bamboozle Festival will kick off its 10-year anniversary on May 18 by taking over the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, N.J. With seven stages and about 84 acts, the three-day music festival is going to be a head-banging and hip-shaking ball.

In anticipation of the festival, the International Business Times talked with white girl rapper Kreayshawn about her Bamboozle performance on May 18.

The 22-year-old rapper released her first mixtape in 2010. She has taken the world by storm since releasing her popular song Gucci Gucci and signing with Columbia Records the following year. For those attending Bamboozle who don't know Kreayshawn, she cleared it up.

Well, a lot of people would say, 'Oh, Kreayshawn is that white girl rapper,' but I wouldn't say that would define the music, said the rapper. I think that would just be something to get an image in your head.

Upbeat fun, songs, rapping, and creative craziness is how Kreayshawn would describe herself to those who haven't had the pleasure of listening to her music.

If creative craziness is how she describes her style, then Kreayshawn's set at Bamboozle is bound to be a blast for fans. A lot of energy, fashion, hip-hop show with confetti and cake, Kreayshawn said thoughtfully.

No, I'm just kidding, she said with laugh. Maybe I'll bring cake if people are good.

Like everyone who has already bought their tickets for the May 18-20 festival, Kreayshawn is excited about the wide range of bands that are set to perform with her on the first day. It's crazy because I don't really get to see live performances, Kreayshawn said. Now that I'm performing, I'll sneak glimpses at other artists' performances. So I'm excited to see everyone.

Among those who will be performing, Kreayshawn admitted there is one she would love to share the stage with. I want to jump on stage with Skrillex and rub him down and massage him while on stage, she exclaimed about Bamboozle's headliner on the festival's first day. I'm going to clean the lint of his glasses in between his cuts, and it's gonna be all good.

While Kreayshawn prepares for the show, she had some advice for Bamboozle Festival-goers: Drink water. Stay hydrated. Make sure you don't get poked with any needles.

Kreayshawn is ready to take over the Jersey Shore for the Bamboozle Festival. I'm pretty excited for Bamboozle, the rapper said. It's probably going to be the biggest show.

I'm going to go to all the famous Jersey Shore drinking spots that all the people on the 'Jersey Shore' got f***ed up at, she added with a laugh.