Banksy, the pseudonymous British street artist whose graffiti is famous for dealing with a wide array of social and political themes, released a new series of wall art in honor of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

Banksy's latest street art takes beautifully stenciled and painted artwork -- in this case, showing Olympic athletes in various poses -- and adds his own political satire to the piece. On one wall, Banksy drew an Olympian about to hurl a javelin, but instead of a javelin, the man holds a missile. In another piece of wall art, a pole vaulter reaches the very apex of his jump and we see Banksy has painted the man above a decrepit old fence that stands against the gray wall.

Banksy was the director, producer, and centerpiece of the 2010 documentary film Exit Through The Gift Shop, which gave a brief history of street art while showing some of today's more prominent street artists. The film also told the story of a French immigrant named Thierry Guetta, who filmed underground street artists before finally becoming inspired to be one (Mr. Brainwash). The film deals with the moral issues of creating art for the sake of art.

Check out Banksy's art above, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.