On April 5, the famous blonde doll, Barbie, announced that she will be running for President in 2012. It's official, dolls, she announced on her Tumblr. Welcome to my official glam-paign headquarters.

Mattel announced on Thursday the I Can Be...President Barbie. The new doll, running under the B Party, was created with the White House Project, a nonpartisan nonprofit that aims to involve more women in politics.

Barbie is dressed to win in a pink power suit with a patriotic ruffled theme. According to Forbes, Barbie is dressed by the same designer who dresses First Lady Michelle Obama, Chris Benz.

I'm (literally) standing on my own for the first time, and I am so excited to be the sole female candidate in the 2012 presidential elections, Barbie wrote on her Tumblr. The doll is telling the truth. Barbie will be able to stand upright for the first time in 53 years thanks to weighted platform shoes.

This isn't the first time that Barbie has run for President though. Take a look at Barbie's Presidential time line.

1991- Barbie was preparing to take over the White House in 1991 with a beautiful patriotic inaugural gown with a silver fabric top featuring red straps and red trim with a blue skirt and star layering. To get down to business, Barbie had a red dress suit with gold trim. With white button earrings and white button ring, the doll looked the part of a leader.

1997- The doll was ready for a Cool Career in 1997 with a fashionable red skirt suit with red heels and a blue and white star scarf. Barbie had a microphone and sign ready to campaign.

2000- In 2000 the doll ran for President. Barbie was ready to give Al Gore and George W. Bush a run for their money. She rocked a royal blue jacket and skirt with blue stockings and heels. In a tipper-style hairdo that doll was ready to take on the challenge with a Barbie for President badge and a couple of Barbie for President signs. Barbie was ready for fundraising campaigns and galas with a red satin evening gown.

2004- The doll was ready to run again in 2004. Decked out in a patriotic red suit, briefcase and sunglasses, Barbie was in it to win with a Barbie for President sign.

2008- In 2008 Barbie had a pink gown for when she won. Her business attire was a blue pin stripe skirt suit.