Southern Illinois basketball coach Barry Hinson delivered a press conference rant for the ages on Tuesday after his team lost to Murray State University.

Murray State handed Hinson’s Southern Illinois squad a 73-65 loss on Tuesday, dropping the Salukis to 2-8 on the season. The team’s fourth consecutive loss appears to have been the last straw for Hinson, who criticized his own players in an extended postgame rant.

Intially, Hinson’s press conference seemed relatively tame, as the Southern Illinois coach bashed his players for ignoring his advice. “Guys didn’t listen at halftime,” he said. “I’m struggling with this crew right now. They won’t let me coach them. Every time I coach somebody, they put their head down.”

The press conference quickly degenerated from mere criticism into a full-blown rant. “I’ve got a bunch of mama’s boys right now,” Hinson added. "We just won't buck up and bow our necks and we've got to get through that. I’m tired of coaching a guy and having him roll his eyes or put his head down or feel sorry for himself."

When asked about the Salukis’ struggle to get rebounds, Hinson put forth a bizarre analogy. “I’ve been telling my wife this for years: Size doesn’t matter,” he said. “I really think that when it comes to rebounds, it’s heart. Heart and effort.”

Hinson also had some harsh words for starting guard Marcus Fillyaw, who failed to score a point and recorded just one assist in 14 minutes of play. “Marcus was absolutely awful,” the coach said. “That’s about as PG-rated as I can say it. He was awful.”

The college coach’s criticism wasn’t limited to his guards. Hinson also bashed the play of his forwards. “Let’s talk about our big guys -- two for 11 [shooting]. How can you go two for 11?

"My wife, my wife can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because I know my wife will at least shot fake one time.”

Finally, Hinson remarked on his team’s inability to capitalize on fast breaks. “There was a sniper in the gym. Did you see that? I mean, we had guys falling down,” he said. “We had a guy snipered at half court, two guys snipered at half court. It was unbelievable. I thought Navy SEAL Team Six was out there.”

The Southern Illinois coach’s press conference didn’t go over well with his players. Salukis forward Davante Drinkard took to Twitter after the game to express his anger over Hinson’s rant, Yahoo Sports reports. "I can't believe the little man had the nerve to call us mama's boys. Smh. I guess this is where Our team learns to point the finger." The tweet has since been deleted.

In a Wednesday morning interview with, Hinson defended his comments but apologized for one aspect of his rant. “I regret one thing -- calling out Marcus' name," he said. "That wasn't fair to him individually, and I'm upset about that. But I'm not upset about anything else I said.

"I'm not going to fake who I am. I'm an emotional guy and I love my players, but I was frustrated with their overall lack of effort. I felt bad about mentioning one of my player's names. That was a mistake."

Hinson’s press conference rant can be viewed below.