What are the real intentions of Carol Bartz for Yahoo's internet search business?

Bartz, 60 was announced as the new Chief Executive at Yahoo! Inc Tuesday. She reportedly held a meeting with the company employees on Wednesday and said her gut was not to sell the search business to Microsoft Corp., according to the Wall Street Journal who quoted people familiar with the meeting. On Thursday, Yahoo's shares fell 6 percent on the reports.

Later Thursday another source who attended that meeting came out saying Bratz said she could be convinced of selling the search unit, according to Businessweek.

According to Businessweek's anonymous source, Bratz seemed skeptical about selling the search business and said her gut feeling was, Why would you sell? Which left open the chance for her to be convinced. She also reportedly said she plans to talk to people who favor and don't favor a deal, the magazine says.

Bartz herself, sees reasons to do the deal and not do it, Businessweek's sources said.

Shares of Yahoo were down 1.03 percent or 12 cents to $11.49 a share in the Nasdaq midday trading Friday.