Season 3 of “Bates Motel” concluded Monday night on A&E, and things got a little ... “psycho.” Episode 10, titled “Unconscious,” kicked off with big changes for the residents of White Pine Bay. Caleb (Kenny Johnson) left town, Emma (Olivia Cooke) learned that she was bumped on the list for a lung transplant, and Norma (Vera Farmiga) decided to take the leap and look into sending Norman (Freddie Highmore) away to get professional help.

Although Dylan (Max Thieriot) knew his dad had to leave, that didn’t stop him from being disappointed. After finding a guitar from Caleb at Norma’s house, Dylan left his dad a scathing phone call. But he didn’t have time to focus on Caleb not saying goodbye because Emma’s dad called him looking for his daughter. Emma freaked out after learning she had 90 minutes to get to Portland for a transplant. She took off and ended up at Dylan’s barn – and he knew just where to find her.

The opportunity to get new lungs seemed like a no-brainer. However, Emma did her research. She knew there was a possibility her body would reject the lungs and that she’d lose whatever time she had left. Something changed her mind though – Dylan. After a passionate speech about her being a “warrior,” the pair finally embraced in a kiss. Upon breaking away, Emma agreed to go though with the procedure.

While Emma was getting a second chance at life, Norma was looking to give her son a better life. She visited a facility called Pine View that helps people with mental issues. But of course, everything Norma does is unconventional. A doctor usually refers a patient to Pine View, which allows insurance to help cover the costs. Norma didn’t have that – she didn’t even have an official diagnosis for Norman. And although she wanted to get him the help he needed, she couldn’t afford the steep price of $20,000 to $40,000 a month for live-in treatment.

Despite the cost, Norma told Norman that she was worried about him and that they needed to get him help. Needless to say, Norman didn’t take well to this. He accused his mother of giving up on him and took off upstairs to pack his things. But Norman wasn’t packing to go get treatment – he was packing to run away with Bradley (Nicola Peltz).

In episode 9 of “Bates Motel,” Bradley asked Norman to run away with her. He initially said he couldn’t leave his mother. However, that all changed after Norma’s betrayal. It also helped that Bradley broke into her mother’s house and stole $45,000 worth of jewelry and cash.

Elsewhere, the DEA was getting ready to bust Bob Paris (Kevin Rahm). Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) was on board to take down his nemesis, but he stopped to see Norma first. He apologized for not being able to protect her, but Norma told him it wasn’t his fault. She knew there was something wrong with her son and once again gave a sob story about keeping him safe.

Romero’s soft spot for Norma led him to give Bob a heads-up 10 minutes before the DEA arrived. Bob was confused as to why Romero would help him, so Romero told him the truth: “You getting arrested is not in my best interest.”

The DEA was surprised not to find Bob at his home, but Romero knew where to find him. When Bob fled to his boat, Romero was already on board waiting for him -- with a gun in his hand.

Bob promised to keep quiet about “that wacko Norma Bates and her kid,” but Romero knew better than to trust him. Bob seemingly had an idea that Romero wasn’t going to let him live and decided to taunt him by comparing him to his father. Romero didn’t even let Bob finish his sentence. He shot him three times – twice in the gut and once in the throat, killing him. 

The episode concluded with Norma finding Norman packing his bag. A fight ensued when she tried to stop him from leaving. The result was Norma flying down the stairs. But she didn’t let that tumble stop her. She quickly picked up a doorstop and knocked out her son.

Because Norman was rambling about Bradley, Norma thought that he had gone completely crazy. Not sure what to do, she dragged him into the basement and tied him up before calling Dylan. But Norman was gone by the time Dylan got there.

Bradley already had left but returned to pick up Norman. The teen should have kept on going, though. They had barely crossed the White Pine Bay border when Norman began to hallucinate Norma. He forced Bradley to pull over because “Norma” needed to talk to her. Bradley quickly realized that something wasn’t right with Norman. He began to talk as “Norma,” saying Bradley had her “hot little sex kitten routine” down and that she was trying to play her as a fool.

“I practically invented the routine,” Norman/“Norma” yelled at her.

Norman/“Norma” exited the car and pulled Bradley out. She tried to run away, but Norman/“Norma” caught up to her. He tackled her and began to yell that “no one gets between me and my son.” Norman/“Norma” began to choke Bradley and slammed her head into a rock repeatedly -- until she was dead.

“Mother, what have you done?” Norman said when he found himself covered in Bradley’s blood. “What have you done?”

He threw Bradley’s body in the trunk and drove the car to the water. “I’m so sorry she did this to you,” he said to her body before pushing the vehicle into the water.

As he watched the car sink, the hallucination of Norma reappeared behind him. “I did her a favor,” she told him, saying that Bradley had a death wish. “More importantly, she was going to take you away from me ... we belong together.”