With details about Zack Snyder’s upcoming sequel “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” under a tight lock and key, fans were practically salivating on Friday when the director gave them their first look at the king of the ocean, Aquaman. Now it seems the hero’s role in the movie might have been leaked.

Snyder took to Twitter to show off the first image of former “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa in what looks like his final Aquaman costume with the caption “United the Seven.” The Hawaiian-born, Iowa native will play the character in the 2016 flick, as well as the “Justice League” movie that will subsequently follow.

While the photo is obviously a pretty big sneak peak at the film, its caption has caused many to speculate about the beloved comic book character’s role in the DC Comics Cinematic Universe.

Many believe that the “seven” in the photo is referring the seven seas, which would make sense given the character’s obvious ties to the ocean. However, as many were quick to point out, there is no such thing as “the seven seas.” While a popular idiom, there are far more than seven bodies of water considered “seas” on planet earth – and that number varies depending on what particular culture you subscribe to. With that in mind, many now believe that the number refers to the number of members typically in the Justice League. Perhaps the character will be responsible for uniting the group of heroes together?

That seems to be what BadassDigest thinks. The outlet reports alleged inside information from the movie that suggests Aquaman’s role in “Dawn of Justice” will be minimal. With larger-than-life characters like Batman and Wonder Woman getting an origin story alongside Superman, bringing the character into the fold too much could cause the movie to get a little cluttered.

The outlet reports that [POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT]Momoa will only have two short scenes in the film. The first will be in a survey of metahumans done by Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg). Following that, his only other scene will be when Batman recruits him for the Justice League. If true, it seems like Snyder is hoping to use Aquaman to bring heroes like Flash and Green Lantern into the fold when the next movie hits theaters.

So, fans that were looking forward to seeing the character a lot in the upcoming “Dawn of Justice” film will potentially be a little disappointed. However, as CinemaBlend points out, it’s possible that his role will be vital when “Justice League” finally comes together.