The family of Huguette Clark, the copper heiress who amassed a $400 million, has launched a legal battle over her estate and fortune after a two wills were discovered.

The first will, believed to be signed in March 7, 2005, stated that a majority of her money would go to her family, with $5 million going to her nurse. However, a second will was also discovered that stated her lawyer and accountant would receive $500,000 each and complete control of her multimillion dollar foundation, according to the New York Post. The family would not receive a penny.

The lawyer, Wallace Bock, and the accountant, Irving Kamsler, and being investigated by the Manhattan's D.A. office.  The family says the pair has plundered her fortune to satisfy their own greed.  The lawyer for the family, John R. Morken, said that Bock and Kamsler had conducted a a chilling report of the mishandling, misappropriation and mismanagement of her assets over a period of 15 years, according to the Washington Post.  This includes over $76 million in mysterious payments and a total of $170 million in disbursements while Bock and Kamsler controlled an account of Clark's.

 Before the court are substantial and gravely serious issues of alleged deceit, undue influence and exploitation of a very elderly and extraordinarily wealthy woman at the hands of two professionals who took control of her life, isolated her from her family and ultimately stripped her of her free will, as well as millions of dollars,'' said the court filing of the will, according to the New York Post.

No criminal charges been filed against Bock or Kamsler and both have denied breaking any laws.