Fans already knew that Gearbox Software’s upcoming game “Battleborn” was going to be big, but it was doubtful they would know exactly how big it would be. The game will have 25 unique playable characters, all of who can team up and unleash combination moves. With plenty of team play and tons of characters, it’s clear that the possibilities might be limitless.

GameSpot states that the game has more characters than all of the “Borderlands” games combined. This is even after the DLC came to those games, showing how much variety players are going to have when playing “Battleborn”.

All the heroes in the game have 10 levels and gain two new skills per level. This means that there are 1,024 ways to play with every character, depending on what skills are chosen. The developers also stated that there are 7,776 ways to reach full rank with every character in the game, which means that there’s a ton of replay value to the shooter.

The numbers keep adding up, as the game’s five-player co-op mode hasn’t been mentioned yet. Apparently, players can have up to 6,375,600 combos in every possible match type. If players add up individual combos with the team combos, they almost get 50 Billions ways to play the game, according to Game Zone.

It’s clear that a lot of effort was put into this game and the results are mesmerizing. The main focus of “Battleborn,” after all, is the multiplayer, so having about 50 Billion combination moves will definitely get players to play multiple sessions with each other, mostly to see what combination moves they can get.

Despite the focus on multiplayer, 2K Games stated that players could go through the campaign in single-player mode. Whether the campaign is meaty enough for a single-player run-through is yet to be seen.

“Battleborn” will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC on Feb. 9, but players curious about the title will be happy to know that an open beta for the game is being planned. No date for the beta has been given, though it will be sometime before the game is released.

That’s a lot of Battleborn! (In Numbers) [ESRB] (Credit: YouTube/Battleborn)