The anticipated Battlefield 3 patch that was announced at the end of February is finally underway. The studio will be releasing one mega update to transform the game and to address issues within the game on March 27th for PlayStation 3 consoles. PC players and Xbox owners will have to wait a bit, but the fixes should come soon as well.

The lengthy list encompasses almost 300 adjustments to the game, including elements such as gameplay fixes, vehicle fixes, adjustments to weapons and their accessories, and changes involving the team detachment mode and the squat death-match mode. By the time players are done downloading the upcoming patch, Battlefield 3 may seem like an entirely different game.

But with such a large compilation, it can be difficult to decide which alteration is going to directly affect a player's gaming experience. Some of the major complaints from fans involve a demand for more downloadable content, the starting-up sound when the game is turned on, and points not being able to accumulate in quick succession. Players have posted these various complaints on forums, and next week they will find out if the developers have fixed their concerns.

And gamers are gearing up for the massive updates, taking to Twitter to express their excitement.

So can't wait to play some #BF3 #b2k with the new #patch one user posted.

Can't wait to return to @Battlefield 3 once that patch arrives for consoles, wrote another.

Some speculated that the game was released with so many imperfections in a haste to keep up with the competition. Rivaling shooter Modern Warfare 3 was released only a couple of weeks later in early November, selling more than 6.5 million copies in its first 24 hours.

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