EA DICE launched its latest update for 2013’s “Battlefield 4” on Tuesday. While some users are finally able to play the title without any annoying bugs, others are saying the update exacerbated the game’s glitches. The update was for the Xbox One and PC.

“We are aware that some of you have been experiencing some crashing since the patch this morning,” EA posted on its forum Tuesday, along with instructions on how to remedy the error on the PC. EA also encouraged users to reach out to their Twitter support. No tips for fixing glitches on the Xbox One were offered by the developer as of this time.

1. Go into your game directory (dir:Program files(x86)Origin GamesBattlefield 4)

2. If you have a “user.cfg” file, open it in notepad.

3. Delete the command line “UI.DrawEnable 1”

4. Save the file

5. Start the game

Yesterday, the forum announced the update would fix the following errors.


- Look forward to more details on Platoons coming today


- Awards and Assignments will now show the "amount completed" out of "total amount" for each category

- Some Awards (Medals and Ribbons) are now placed in more accurate categories

- Capture the Flag total score is now shown on the Stats -> Details page (Air Superiority will be re-added later)

- The progress bar for Kit Unlocks (if it's unlockable) will now be shown in the details box even after it's been unlocked

- Various other tweaks and improvements


- Fixed an issue where Weapon Battlepacks from Second Assault weapons didn't show up properly

- Fixed an issue where the total amount of kills for Soldier Equipment wasn't shown on Stats -> Vehicles (the remaining values will still be empty for now)

- Fixed an issue where some texts for e.g. Specializations under Unlocks -> Kits didn't properly line-break (this issue apparently persists; it will be fixed in the next release)

- The "view all players" button in Battle Reports should now be working again

- All unlockable accessories via progression or Battlepacks will now be shown in Unlocks -> Weapons, even if you have unlocked all the accessories available

- Fixed an issue where the details box (right column) wouldn't always scroll with the page on the Dog Tags page

- Fixed an issue where the medals and ribbon counter in the overview wasn't shown if it had been awarded just once

- Fixed an issue where the Service Star progress bar for Stats -> Vehicles didn't display properly in Firefox

- Fixed an issue where some Battlepack items in Loadout were marked as being unlocked by expansion packs

- You can now click the small bullets in the Premium tile on Home to change tile content, and not go to the Premium page

- Chat windows are now hidden properly when setting BattleScreen to display in full-screen mode

- Progress bar for medals will no longer show after you've earned 100 of the same Medal (as this is the cap)

- Many other minor issues fixed

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