Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) and its Sweden-based DICE studios have revealed new details about the coming “Naval Strike” DLC for “Battlefield 4,” which will feature a reincarnation of the highly popular Titan Mode from “Battlefield 2142,” in a new game mode called "Carrier Assault."

For those unfamiliar with “Battlefield 2142’s” Titan Mode, the “2142” game mode pitted two teams against each other with the only objective of bringing down each other’s Titan, an enormous floating warship.

Players of “Battlefield 2142” can accomplish this through two methods: capturing land-based anti-Titan missile silos, which would slowly damage the enemy Titan until it is brought down, or boarding an enemy Titan and destroying its central core reactor.

While the former option is a valid way to bring down an enemy Titan, boarding an enemy Titan and destroying the central core would usually lead to a faster victory.

According to the description of the “Naval Strike” DLC for “Battlefield 4,” players can expect “BF4’s” take on Titan mode to feature elements of “2142” in a modern-day setting, with aircraft carriers in place of the “2142” Titans.

EA DICE has described Carrier Assault as “a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode.”

Full details of the new game mode's features have not yet been released, but EA DICE revealed additional features of its “BF4: Naval Strike” DLC, including four new maps, five new weapons, an amphibious hovercraft vehicle, 3GL (three grenade launcher) and anti-heli mine (an aircraft disabling tool).

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike BF4 Titan Mode "Battlefield 4" will introduce a new Carrier Assault game mode in its upcoming "BF4:Naval Strike" DLC. Photo: EA DICE

This new “BF4” revelation, along with the scheduled release of the “Battlefield 4: Second Assault” DLC next Tuesday, appear to indicate that EA DICE has been making significant process in fixing the multitude of problems that plagued “Battlefield 4” since its release in October for PC, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 (PS4), and PlayStation 3 (PS3).

In December, EA DICE announced a halt on work on future projects in response to consumer outcry regarding the quality of “Battlefield 4.”

While many of the “BF4” bugs appear to have been fixed, it is currently unknown how the repair efforts have affected future EA DICE projects such as “Mirror’s Edge” and “Star Wars: Battlefront.”