Vincent had to tame the beast in “Beauty and the Beast Season 3, episode 2. After moving in with Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), Vincent (Jay Ryan) learned that he actually had some fears about commitment. However, their relationship issues had to be put on the backburner as they tried to hunt down a superhuman who could control electricity.

As soon as Vincent’s stuff is in the apartment, Catherine starts to feel claustrophobic. She immediately asks Vincent to put some of his things in storage. He realizes that he is starting to beast out and abruptly leaves. His sudden exit freaks out his fiancée. Between their engagement last week and the move this week, she wonders if she forced him to move their relationship too quickly.

Catherine decides to find Agent Thomas’ (Arnold Pinnock) research since he is still unconscious. She and Tess (Nina Lisandrello) go to Thomas’ office, even though Vincent tells her not to take the risk. She needs to know what he was working on so that she can find their next lead.

Tess distracts while Cat sneaks into the office. She can’t get much information before she hears someone coming. She grabs a photo of a courier off of the bulletin board before she has to go.

The person she hears coming is another superhuman, Alton (Zach Appelman). He goes in after Cat sneaks out, but he isn’t supposed to be there either. He goes on the computer and seems to control it by simply raising his hands.

Meanwhile, Vincent is blowing off steam with JT (Austin Basis). The professor tells Vincent that his primal brain doesn’t want the commitment. Vincent worries that soon Cat won’t be able to pull him back into humanity when he beasts out if she is suddenly causing it.  

JT is trying to get over his own relationship issues. He had to go shooting with Tess’ brothers. He goes to the shooting range, but his girlfriend has to guide him through it. Her brothers taunt him by making him use a large gun that’s harder for a novice to control.

Tess’ brother Jamie (James Martinez) reveals that he is interviewing for captain, the position of Tess’ boss. When Tess teases him saying she could do a better job, her brother takes a low blow. “Sleeping with your old boss doesn’t qualify you to be one,” Jamie says. Suddenly, JT can hit the target really easily and demands an apology for his girlfriend.

Back at Cat’s apartment, Vincent hears the shower running. He pulls back the curtain, thinking he’ll join Cat. However, it is Cat’s sister Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) in there. It's super awkward for both of them.

After she puts some clothes on, Heather tells Vincent that her fiancé broke up with her. Apparently, he had commitment issues. As Heather speaks about Cat loving her own space, Vincent starts to beast out. Luckily, Cat calls to give him the perfect excuse to leave.

She tracked down the courier that was in the photo, and she needs him to help her question the guy. Cat and Vincent find the courier dead. Vincent says it looks like he was electrocuted.

They find Alton and as the lights above them explode, they realize that he can control electricity. He uses his powers to overload the circuit breaker and suddenly throw the couple back so he can escape. There is too much electrostatic noise to track him, so Vincent works backwards. He tries to trace Alton back to wherever he came from.

Alton goes to Agent Thomas to threaten him. He electrocutes him and the agent wakes up screaming. Alton tells him to reveal where the serum is.

Speaking of the serum, Tess says she can’t believe JT suddenly hit the target. JT wonders if it was really him. “I can’t help wondering worrying whether or not the medicine Agent Thomas used to save me has side effects,” JT says. His girlfriend says to stop selling himself short.

Cat and Vincent find Alton’s home base. They realize that he has a brain tumor that elevates his powers even more. They discover that Agent Thomas intercepted a serum Alton needs. They call JT to warn him, but Vincent’s friend revealed he was already at the hospital. He apparently got a call that said his medicine was ready. Vincent asks who called, but suddenly JT is attacked.

Alton says that JT’s serum was actually meant for him. He was promised that the serum would heal him, and he’ll die without it.

Even though it would be faster for Vincent to beast out and run, he worries about losing control. Thus, he and Cat have to take a 10 minute car ride that takes an awkward turn. Heather calls and Vincent puts her on speakerphone, thinking she is JT. Cat quickly learns that Heather is back in town, which Vincent didn’t tell her, and she hears that her boyfriend walked in on her sister in the shower. After hanging up, Vincent finally reveals he has been having control issues.

At the hospital, JT helps Alton get the synthetic serum he’d been working on for Thomas, and the superhuman reveals that he didn’t mean to kill the courier. He has trouble controlling his powers. JT hits Alton and takes the serum to Agent Thomas. He gives the agent the life-saving medicine. Alton decides that since the cure is still in JT’s blood, he can get it out with a blood transfusion. 

When they got to the hospital, Cat doesn’t want to let Vincent beast out while he is having control issues. Vincent goes anyway and Cat has to make sure he and Alton don’t kill each other. She yells at them, reminding them that they can fight whoever experimented on both of them. They won’t be able to do that if they are both dead, though. “Don’t lose who you are or what really matters to you,” she reminds the men.

She obviously gets through to them because they stop going after each other. Vincent even helps Alton get new doctors at the hospital. Days later, Alton is going into surgery to get his tumor removed.

Vincent asks if Cat ever gets tired of her speeches to talk him down. She reminds him that they are together no matter what. Marriage is about staying together through the bad times too.

Thomas is awake after JT gave him the serum, but he is weak. He reveals to Vincent that he doesn’t know much at all -- that’s why he wanted Vincent and Cat to help. However, he knows something about how he saved JT's life with the serum last year. “Be careful of your friend,” Thomas warns. “It may have healed him, but it’s all part of the same serum, the same experiment.”

Thomas needs oxygen before he can explain further, so Vincent decides to let him rest.

Vincent doesn’t immediately tell JT what Thomas said. JT relaxes and plays video games with Tess, who assures him that he is more than just a nerdy professor. She reveals that he convinced her to apply for the captain position.

Back at Catherine and Vincent’s home, Heather visits and Cat reveals that she isn’t so sure they’ll be together forever. “Fighting beasts and bad guys is one thing. This normal stuff is hard,” she says. Heather assures her that they’ll work on their issues.

After Heather leaves, Cat tells Vincent that she is getting rid of some of her stuff to make room for him. Cat says that she’s scared too, but they have to communicate with each other when they have problems.

Yet they have bigger issues than moving furniture. Tess calls to reveal that Thomas was shot in the head.

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