“Beauty and the Beast” Season 3 kicked off with Vincent and Catherine together, but they weren’t happy for long. The couple had a few scenes filled with domestic bliss in the premiere, but Vincent (Jay Ryan) learned that everything was not as great as it seemed. Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) was keeping secrets.

Two months after the Season 2 finale, Vincent was reinstated and is headed back to work as a doctor. He is happy to return to a normal life, but Cat says she is “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” Vincent says that the agents from last season must’ve been lying about the new creatures because they haven't heard anything.

Cat heads off to the police department and finds herself on the phone with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents again. It’s the same guys that offered her a position in last year’s finale, but Cat is avoiding them. Tess (Nina Lisandrello) accuses her of wanting to get back to finding beasts. She considers it “cheating” on Vincent. Cat admits that she liked being apart of something bigger.

The detective meets with the agents to determine if the DHS has something worth looking into. They reveal video of people with superhuman strength that are hurting other people. They say innocent lives are at risk, but Cat says she needs more evidence before she brings Vincent to them. “I need proof before I take this to him,” she says. “Because I’m the only person in this room who cares about saving his life.”

Vincent goes to visit JT (Austin Basis) before he heads to his first day of work. JT also tried to get back to his own job at the university, but he left in a panic. Vincent visits JT to get a box of his mother’s things. He needs to get his mom’s engagement ring for Catherine. Now that he and Cat are settling into their normal life, he is ready for marriage.

However, when Cat goes wedding dress shopping with Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson), she says she isn’t ready to get married. Cat can’t shop for long, though. DHS calls her to meet with a suspect’s wife.

Agent Thomas (Arnold Pinnock) and Agent Barnett (Neil Girvan) bring Cat to Marissa (Charlotte Arnold). Her husband Tyler (Maxime Savaria) is one of the DHS agents’ new suspects. Tyler was a competitive guy, but he completely changed recently. He started getting into fights and even threatened to blow up his office.

Tyler watches the interview from a window. After the agents and Cat leave the building, he shows up behind them and fights them all. He impales Agent Thomas on a fence and throws Thomas in front of a cab, killing him. Catherine is thrown to the ground and watches him climb the side of the building.

Meanwhile, Vincent arrives at a fancy restaurant for dinner. He finished his shift on time, even though the nurse advised him not to get married since their staff can’t seem to stay in long relationships. Still, he puts in all of the effort. He has roses, candles and champagne, but he gets called into work for an emergency. Cat calls him and tells him that she and the DHS agents are the emergency.

When Vincent arrives, he is mad that Cat was secretly involved with the government agency. “There has got to be a reason why this keeps coming back to us,” Catherine says. Vincent asks when it ends, and Cat doesn’t have an answer.

He says can’t risk losing his humanity by turning into the beast again. “I can’t – I won’t do it anymore,” Vincent says. “I can’t believe that you would.”

Catherine later admits to Heather that she feels like she is supposed to fight these new super humans. Yet she doesn’t want to involve Vincent. They might be too powerful for him to take on, but Heather says that this is a couple’s fight — a really unique couples’ fight. She advises her sister to just talk to her boyfriend.

Back at the hospital, Vincent goes to check on the Agent Thomas, who remains in critical condition. He finds Tyler trying to kill him, but Tyler jumps through the window to escape. Vincent puts the oxygen mask on the agent, who breathlessly asks, “If you don’t stop them, who will?”

Vincent goes into beast mode and follows Tyler after getting the agent some help. Catherine and Tess go after them to try and stop Vincent. She worries that her boyfriend will lose his humanity, and since Tyler was experimented on, that makes him an innocent. They have to save him too.

Vincent and Tyler face off on the rooftop of Tyler’s old office, and Vincent nearly falls off the building. Cat finds them and has to talk Vincent down. She explains that Tyler was experimented on and didn’t ask for this, just like Vincent. She says if he kills Tyler, he’ll lose himself. “We will lose each other,” Catherine said. “Vincent, we will lose everything.”

That was enough to calm him down. He knocked out Tyler, and the DHS put him in a secure facility. 

Cat tells Vincent that this will keep happening if they don’t stop it. “We’re here for a reason, but it’s not just to love each other,” Cat says.

Finally, Vincent goes to Cat on the rooftop and tells her that she’s right. “If you think about it, it’s really not much different than why you joined the army or why you became a doctor,” she says.

Vincent says that without her he’d be lost, and then he gets down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” he asks. Catherine says yes.

Elsewhere in the "Beauty and the Beast" Season 3 premiere, JT overcomes his own fears. He has been pouring over his medical records and there is no reasonable way that he survived Gabe’s attack two months ago. He has no idea what the DHS agents used to save his life, and he thinks he shouldn’t even be alive.

Tess can’t handle his anxiety anymore. “I care about you and I’ve been taking care of you, but no more,” Tess says. She wants JT to stop questioning everything and start living his life.

Later on, Tess goes to JT and finds that he gave up the cane. He was accepting that he was better. “Maybe I found the reason I’m still around,” he says. Earlier, he encouraged Vincent to help Cat. Giving Vincent advice to help stop the bad guys made him realize he still had a purpose. Maybe that’s why he is still alive.

“Beauty and the Beast” Season 3 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW. Do you think Vincent and Cat will make it to the altar? Sound off in the comments section below!