With the recent separation of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, the estranged couple are now juggling filming commitments and co-parenting. But friends close to Affleck reveal that the actor always wanted to be a family man and fears of becoming a weekend dad.

In the July 20 issue of People magazine, one of Affleck’s close friends tells the magazine that the “Argo” star has wanted a wife and family his whole life. The friend also reveals that Affleck lacked a “present father” while growing up, so his biggest fear is to become a "weekend dad."

“He never wanted that," Affleck’s friend says. The “Daredevil” actor reportedly grew up in a broken home, raised by a single mom who divorced his dad because of alcohol problems.

It seems the star’s childhood influenced his desire for a family. Affleck’s friend even revealed that the actor didn't want to be a dad like his own father was.  "But he had some sad and lonely times in his marriage, so he pulled away from his family," the friend adds.

Despite Affleck and Garner’s plans for divorce, the actor is still a family man and spends as much time as he can with the children. On Wednesday, Affleck flew to Atlanta to spend time with kids Samuel, Seraphina and Violet. According to Us Weekly, the actor will stay in a guestroom within Garner’s temporary home in Atlanta, while the actress is filming “Miracles From Heaven.”

Affleck reportedly went on daddy duty, dropping off the children at the Lovett School for their summer class. A source told Us that the actor will also be doing some work there, but is mostly in Atlanta to be with the kids while Garner is working.   

The two are keeping a united front for the kids, TMZ reported, which is why the family pushed ahead with a Bahamas vacation, despite the impending divorce. Sources told TMZ the former couple were “cool with each other,” especially around the kids.

Affleck and Garner announced their separation in late June, after being married for nearly 10 years.