There are a tremendous number of art colleges to choose from, but sometimes deciding on a school can be a timely and difficult choice.

There is no use spending 80 thousand on a degree if there isn't a market for that specific skill. Tuition prices can be high at some art schools, and it's not certain that a fine arts degree will return the financial investment that it takes to obtain such a degree.

Choosing the right program is essential. Just because you attended a reputable school doesn't mean you will be employable. There are certain programs within fine arts however that will provide a selection of careers choices to choose from.

So how do you know which degree will help you land that creative and ideal job? There is no set formula, but there are degrees that can send you on a good path to attaining your dream job.

Let's take a look at three of the degrees offered.


#1. Graphic Design


Graphic designer for Sledge USA clothing Marissa Schlomer works on a design on her computer at the company's factory in Los Angeles. Fred Prouser / Reuters

Graphic Design is possibly one of the most lucrative professions for those holding a fine arts degree. Graphic designers are paid a considerable and competitive rate for their work.

Also, graphic design can be applied to many fields, such as advertising marketing, mutli-media professions, visual communications, public relations, video game development, and more.

Graphic designers also have the option of creating their own business designing logos, or freelancing for advertisement companies, book covers, film posters - the list goes on.


#2. Multi-Media / Visual Communications


A woman holds an Apple iPad featuring the cover of the new multimedia magazine Project in New York City. Mike Segar / Reuters

If you find a school that offers a degree in mutli-media or visual communications, it would be wise to consider this option. As many jobs are cutting back due to the recession, internet companies are booming.

If you can study how media and communications are incorporated into online business and social media, then it's likely there will be a number of jobs to apply for upon graduation.

The salary for positions within the visual communications field varies. And like the above degrees, this discipline can cross over into marketing, advertising, and other fields.


#3. Interior Design


A woman drinks a beverage at the newly designed interior of the McDonalds fast food restaurant in Wolfratshausen south of Munich. Michaela Rehle / Reuters

Interior design is a solid choice, as there are always people who want, or need someone else to create an ambiance for them. This degree will teach students the necessary computer programs for a career in interior design that go beyond simply choosing fabrics and furnitures.

Many architecture firms have an in-house interior designer to help them work on elements that perhaps an engineer and architect would overlook.

A career in interior design can be a lucrative one too. If you're willing to work hard, and you're a social person, this is a safe choice.

There is a downside however, and that is when there is a recession, people tend to hold back on redesigning their homes. However, it's a profession that will always bounce back.