Best Buy cancelled/delayed some of its Black Friday online orders, citing overwhelming demand in November and December. The company admitted its shortcoming to FOX 9 and said it was very sorry for the inconvenience to its customers. reported cases of Best Buy offering gift cards as consolations to affected customers.

However, many of the affected customers - from Black Friday and other days of shopping - are not merrily accepting Best Buy's apology right before the gift-giving holiday of Christmas.

BEST BUY SUCKS... Why cancel Black Friday orders??? Just lure customers in for the 'deals,' have them buy other things and then cancel the good 'deals.' WAY TO GO BEST BUY... wrote an irate customer on Best Buy's Facebook page.

When buying gifts, DON'T order them from BestBuy. At least 2 of them will be cancelled last minute and you will be SOL and stressed out. Do you really think you should be giving out Holiday Tips while screwing so many people over Best Buy? wrote another customer.

NEVER AGAIN WITH YOU BEST BUY!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Waited until today to let me know my order is backordered and won't be available till AFTER CHRISTMAS!~~! wrote a third customer.

I've been waiting for my order well within their 'Guaranteed by Christmas' time line. They promised and, once again, did not deliver. This is the 3rd year in a row for me that I have waited over a month for something to come in. And they are not hard to find items. We have a right to gripe- how will they improve their delivery service otherwise? wrote a fourth.

Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy told the Wall Street Journal that Best Buy's failure to deliver on Black Friday and online orders from other days may prompt customers to look for alternatives for online shopping next year.

Best Buy was notably aggressive in promoting their online deals in 2011.

Brad Wilson, who runs and, told that he has come to expect something like this when [Best Buy] promote[s] aggressively.