Beyoncé is noted for keeping her life private, but lately she has opened up and given fans a backstage pass to her life. The 31-year-old singer shared photos on her official site of what happens before she hits the stage. Beyoncé kicked off her "Mrs. Carter Show" tour, named for her husband Jay Z’s legal name, Shawn Carter, back in April and started concerts in the United States June 28.

In the pictures, Beyoncé is seen relaxing between sets at a concert, looking in the mirror as makeup is being applied, gathering with her background dancers and siting in a glass lift, which is a prop for her show.[[nid:1360017]][[nid:1360009]][[nid:1360007]][[nid:1360029]][[nid:1360013]][[nid:1360011]]

It is fortunate for fans that the singer is releasing such personal photos after she allegedly told photographers in April they are not allowed to take pictures while she is onstage. Beyoncé created the new preapproval process because she apparently was not amused when unflattering pictures of her show-stopping Super Bowl halftime performance in February were posted online.

Her publicist called and emailed BuzzFeed, the first outlet to publish the pictures, and asked it to remove photos of Beyoncé deemed “unflattering.”

“There are some unflattering photos on your current feed that we are respectfully asking you to change,” her publicist emailed the site. BuzzFeed did not delete the photos. Instead, it reposted the pictures along with the publicist’s email.

Now, in an effort to make sure there is not another situation similar to BuzzFeed’s, Beyoncé is no longer allowing independent photographers to shoot her world tour, sources tell the New York Post.

Beyoncé will head to her husband Jay Z’s hometown, New York City, Aug. 3 for a performance at the Barclays Center.