Now that it is confirmed that Beyonce is pregnant, the question is, will the baby be a boy or a girl. Fans have gone gaga over this on social networks, but the answer is not known. But Beyonce has said she wants a boy.

The singer dropped the news at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday.

Beyonce ambled up the red carpet in Los Angeles, holding at a growing bump hardly covered under the red silk ball gown. She told the assembled press: I have a surprise!

Ever since then, the fans have been going crazy.

She and Jay-Z are absolutely overjoyed. Her whole family is really excited. Now what they are all expecting is to have a little boy for Julez (sister Solange's son) to play with. So they have their fingers crossed.

It is cute to think about two of the biggest superstars as normal parents. They are excited to find out the sex of their baby. It's also so nice that they have family like Solange around so that their child will grow up near cousins.

Beyonce, pregnant at 29, will certainly make a wonderful mother.

The revelation could interfere with her touring plans and disappoint the fans who were hoping to see her perform live. At the same time, curtailing her work obligations in order to start a family will further endear her to her audience.

News of her pregnancy will reinforce her image as someone who is serious and responsible.