Bianca Jones has been missing since Dec. 9 after she was allegedly taken from her father in a carjacking. Detroit police issued a request for an arrest warrant on Tuesday, but initially refused to comment on who they were investigating.

Nancy Grace reports that they have issued a criminal warrant arrest for D'Andre Lane, Bianca's father.

Local reports claim police cadaver dogs may have picked up the scent of human decomposition near areas associated with Lane. WXYZ reported that the dogs signaled possible decomposition in Lane's car on Bianca's car seat and in his home.

WDIV claims that police have uncovered evidence that leads them to believe she is likely dead and authorities have suspended organized search efforts.

Two-year old Bianca Jones has been missing since Friday at 9:45 a.m. when her father, D'Andre Lane, 32, claimed she was taken during a carjacking. Family members have questioned whether Lane has told authorities the full truth of what occurred that morning.

Lane told police he was driving his silver 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis with Bianca strapped in a car seat in the back when two assailants told him to check his taillight. When Lane stepped out of the car, the assailants jumped in, stealing his car with Biana still inside of it.

Bianca's father called the police and officers were able to locate the car ten minutes later less a mile away from where it was stolen. Bianca Jones, however, was missing.

Bianca's mother, Bianka Jones, said she last saw her daughter on Nov. 26 when family members and friends celebrated the girl's second birthday. Bianca was spending the week with her father, who was reportedly on his way to pick up more clothes for his daughter from Bianka's home when the alleged carjacking occurred.

Please continue to keep searching for Bianca, Bianka Jones asked volunteers, reported The Associated Press. We love her and we want her home. Bianca, Mommy has lots and lots of gingerbread men for you when you get home.