There is a new twist in the Bianca Jones missing case, with reports suggesting that the 2-year-old Detroit child may be dead.

According to Local 4 Defenders, sources close to the investigation say there is new evidence that suggests the child is not alive. When investigators searched the home of Bianca's father D'Andre Lane with the help of cadaver dogs, they returned positive signs of decomposition, reported. 

The dogs detected the smell of decomposed human body on or near the car seat in Lane's Mercury Marquis, says the report.

Bianca was reported missing Dec. 2 when Lane told the police that carjackers drove away his car with the girl strapped into the rear seat. The car was found less than a mile away from the spot where the alleged carjacking had taken place, but she was not found in the car.

It has been more than 10 days since the little girl went missing and the search by the police and volunteers continues. They are combing nearby areas and abandoned houses in an effort to find her.

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee reportedly said, The authenticity and credibility of the original version of the events are under intense scrutiny.

Lane, who is under scrutiny by the police and public considering his criminal record (in unrelated matters), says he is concerned about the safe return of his daughter.

All this stuff that's going on, there's a lot of speculation and things being said in the media and people thinking what they want to think. I mean, the truth will come out. I'm not worried about all that. All I'm worried about is my baby coming home and I'm cooperating with police in every aspect of the investigation. Anything they need from me they just need to get in contact with us and we'll be there, Lane said in an interview with Local 4.