New video has surfaced of the brutal beating inflicted on SUV driver Alexian Lien last month by a group of bikers in New York City in an incident that went viral.

Obtained exclusively by NYC television station WABC, the video shows some of the bikers reaching into Lien’s Range Rover SUV and then beating on Lien on a city street. The assault lasts about 20 minutes, according to WABC.

Another video of the assault went viral a few days after the Sept. 29 incident. Lien is claiming that he bumped one of the bikers’ motorcycles after they slowed down in front of his SUV. Lien’s Range Rover was then chased by the group of bikers, and the pursuit culminated with the assault against the 33-year-old Manhattan resident as his horrified wife and young daughter stood nearby.

Check out the new video below: