The Clinton Foundation and “House of Cards” teamed up for a parody video to honor former president Bill Clinton’s upcoming birthday. Kevin Spacey, who stars in the Netflix series as Frank Underwood, prank calls Hillary Clinton by pretending to be her husband in the parody video.

In the clip, Spacey slips into his Underwood character, who is for the purposes of the call, impersonating president Clinton, and tries to find what Mrs. Clinton will be gifting her husband on his upcoming 68th birthday, suggesting that the gift could be an elephant. Spacey also suggests names for Chelsea Clinton's baby, proposing that if it is a boy then the name should be Frank and Claire for a girl. The two names suggested are the names of the main characters of the Netflix series.

The 66-year-old former U.S. Secretary of State then reveals that she knows that Spacey is the mystery caller imitating her husband’s voice. The video ends with an exchange of text messages between the 42nd U.S. President and Spacey. Clinton will be celebrating his 68th birthday on Aug. 19.

The Clintons are reportedly big fans of the “House of Cards” series, and in an interview with People Magazine Hillary Clinton reportedly said that she and her husband “totally binge-watched the first season” of the series.

Check out the full video here: