Conservatives aren't the only ones who don't like seeing Occupy Wall Street supporters hanging out in parks. One of the most popular leftist comedians in America is telling them to go to work -- except he meant political work, the kind that gets people elected to public office. And he's suggesting they should behave like a left-wing tea party.

Bill Maher, the host of HBO's Real Time, didn't mince words Friday when he told the Occupy movement to stop camping and join the actual political process.

Maher mocked the movement on Friday's episode of his show and offered his suggestions after citing several upcoming Occupy events.

In Maher's telling, some Occupy plans include a national gathering on July 4 to facilitate a visioning process designed to allow all voices to be heard, while allowing repeat visions to organically rise to the top. Then on July 5, Occupy's guitarmy will march from Philadelphia to New York singing folk songs.

Here's a thought, Maher said, instead of organizing interstate hootenannies, maybe it's time for Occupy Wall Street to actually participate in the American political process. That means boring stuff like canvassing neighborhoods, raising money, running candidates for office, manning phone banks and making a baby with John Edwards.

I know it's a lot harder work than learning the words to 'Kumbaya,' but it seems to be working for the tea party, he continued. I mean, think of it, three years ago, the tea party was just a few hundred retired diabetics angry at blacks and gays for making them feel old. But now they have 62 seats in Congress, and before John Boehner makes any decision, he first has to go outside to the National Mall and ask the former mental patient dressed as George Washington for permission.

The Occupy Wall Street protest began Sept. 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park in the Financial District of New York City. People have been protesting what they say is growing inequality of income and wealth distribution in America. The movement has since grown both nationally and internationally.

Maher suggested that now it should turn into more of an organized entity.

The tea party took it to the next level. They mobilized, they put on a nice shirt and their best teeth, and they got out there, and they drafted candidates, registered voters, he said. The Occupy movement could do the same thing for the Democrats. In fact, we need Occupy to be our tea party -- an unwavering block that will force things to the left as relentlessly as a new pair of jeans with a tight inseam, a solid block of far-left intractable Democratic Congressmen who Obama can point to and say, 'You know I'd love to renew your Bush-era tax cuts, but I have to deal with these crazy motherf-----s.

Occupy Wall Street tweeted the following to Maher: @billmaher You are correct, we will ?#join? ?#election2012? ?#politics? plz advise on how 2 buy democracy ?#superpac? ?#asshat