Bindi Irwin is kicking off the holiday season with a bit of luck on her side! On Monday, the Aussie native posted a picture to her Instagram account of herself coming out the victor after tearing apart a wishbone with her boyfriend Chandler Powell during their Thanksgiving meal.

“This is the face of joy after getting the right end of a wishbone for the first time on Thanksgiving and being granted one wonderful wish,” the Season 21 winner of “Dancing With the Stars” said before revealing to her followers what she had wished for after pulling the larger part of the bone. “Honestly, I only ever wish for more time and happiness with my beautiful family. Thankful for food on the table and such gorgeous, genuine people in my life. Spending Thanksgiving in America was a blessing, but I really believe we should count our blessings each and every day, at every meal and moment with those that we love.”

After unveiling her heartfelt request, Derek Hough’s former “DWTS” partner went on to apologize to her fans for her appearance. “Please pardon my feet in this picture,” she said, referencing her beaten up and battered toes in the photo. “[Three] months of dancing and they look a little interesting. I assure you they are getting better.”

Throughout the 2015 installment of the ABC dancing competition, Derek had constantly spoke of Bindi’s bruised feet, noting that he was surprised his “fearless” partner was able to perform week after week considering her toes were mangled from their rigorous dance rehearsals. In fact, the six-time champion of “DWTS” went on to say that Bindi’s toes reminded him of something “straight out of ‘The Walking Dead.’”

“They were like a flesh-eating monster,” he explained during his blog post for TV Guide. “I get nauseous just thinking about them!" But Bindi, being the brave and competitive soul she is, danced on despite the skin of her feet falling off -- even when Derek urged her to take a break. "I was like, 'Bindi, you gotta tell me.' And she was like, 'Oh, it's nothing.' I said, 'No, I gotta know when you're hurting.' She was like, 'No, really, I'm fine. It's not a big deal,'" Derek recanted. "I've had partners who needed to take a 20-minute break if it's one little blister. Bindi is a bada--."

Here’s hoping Bindi also wished for a speedy foot recovery after pulling that wishbone!