Bindi Irwin came, she saw and she conquered! But what will the Season 21 winner of “Dancing with the Stars” do now that she won the Mirror Ball trophy? Well, the 17-year-old animal conservationist will be taking her dazzling statue back home with her to Australia -- at least, that’s what Derek Hough, Bindi’s partner, wants her to do.

“She should put it in the zoo in the middle of the croc pond!" the 30-year-old professional dancer told Us Weekly after the season finale. “Surrounded by all the crocodiles and put it in the middle so they’ll be guarding it. So everybody can look at it from afar, but the crocodiles will be all around it.”

And apparently Bindi didn’t think Derek’s idea was half bad -- especially because she’s eager to get home after spending almost three months rehearsing and competing in Los Angeles. “Honestly, I’m excited to get back into my khakis and be with the animals again,” the contestant revealed. But as anxious as Bindi is to slip back into her cream-colored slacks, the Mirror Ball champ noted that she’s enjoyed her time learning about sequins, sparkles and how to walk in heels.

Before the 2015 installment kicked off, Bindi admitted during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she had never worn high-heeled shoes before, which made learning how to dance a bit difficult for her.

“They said, ‘We’re going to put you in these heels,’ and I don’t think they realized that I had never worn heels before, so I stood up and instantly fell down,” she said. “Yeah, it was a good start to a great adventure.”

With the competition now over, Bindi has gone back to her old attire of jeans and sneakers. In fact, when Bindi and Derek appeared on “The View” Wednesday morning, the Emmy-winning choreographer unveiled that Bindi was wearing the very same pair of mud-covered sneakers that she wore when she first entered the rehearsal studio.

Guess you can take the girl out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the girl.