Fans of NBC’s “The Blacklist” are not going to want to miss the next episode of Season 3. Episode 18, titled “Mr. Solomon: Conclusion” will be a continuation of the events that unfolded in episode 17 following the interrupted wedding ceremony of Liz (Megan Boone) and Tom (Ryan Eggold). The couple will now be on the run from whoever it is that wants to take Liz.

According to the synopsis, a tragedy will hit the task force and a member of the team will be in “grave danger.” Because of this, it will make the task force lean on Red (James Spader) to survive. Red and company were last seen taking heavy gun fire in the church after being surrounded by Solomon’s men.

Liz and Tom were able to escape the shootout in the church in episode 17, but Solomon and his men will be hot on their tail. The promo video for the upcoming installment teases “the greatest shock of all is yet to come” as it shows Liz and Tom getting into a car accident following a chase. The couple is expected to face an “unexpected complication” that could have an impact on their baby.

The promo video shows Tom carrying Liz into the hospital following the crash and it’s revealed that doctors are going to need to perform an emergency C-section to save the baby from dying. Both Liz and the baby’s life will be in danger.

“Look at her lying there in this barbaric situation with her child’s life at risk, everything is not fine,” Red says in the video.

It hasn’t yet been revealed who Solomon’s employer is, but Liz believes it’s her mother, Katerina Rostova. Liz is Masha Rostova and now that the world knows this, Red believes people are after her because of it. If Katerina is behind Solomon, will episode 18 be the installment where Liz’s mother is finally revealed?

Watch the promo video for episode 18 below:

“The Blacklist” Season 3, episode 18, airs Thursday, April 14 on NBC at 9 p.m. EDT.