Blake McIver, a child star of the 1994 film “The Little Rascals,” has released a music video about marriage equality. Described as a “celebration” for “all equality-minded people,” the video came out less a month after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that citizens across the country had the legal right to enter into same-sex marriages.

The music video for a song titled “This Is Who We Are” shows a gay man taking his partner home to meet his parents. The main theme of the song is about acceptance of same-sex marriage amid fear about whether the parents will understand.

McIver said in a press statement that he was “overwhelmingly moved” by the pro-marriage equality arguments presented before the Supreme Court in April. He said his feeling at that time couldn’t be put into words, so he decided to “put it into music and lyrics.”

The inspiration for the piece also was based on McIver’s personal journey. The singer said he was thinking about his late grandfather, Lt. Col. Norman Earl McIver, when he sat down to write the song. “He was a proud vet, a prouder Texan and a man who always encouraged me to think for myself and to be exactly who I am,” the singer/songwriter said.

The military man died before McIver had a chance to come out as gay to him. “I’m not saying it would’ve been a particularly easy conversation, but his unconditional love of me was never a question in my mind,” he said.

The music video portrays the singer getting married to his partner. “For so many years, I thought that a wedding and marriage were not something I would ever have the right to enjoy,” McIver said in his press statement. It is in the country-music genre, which the singer said was his grandfather's favorite musical style.

McIver expressed the hope that the song can “inspire, encourage and be a celebration for all equality-minded people.” However, he pointed out that while there have been celebrations centered on the Supreme Court ruling, it should not be forgotten that many people face discrimination daily “for being exactly who they are.”

“Writing the song and filming the video were both profoundly moving experiences for me, and I hope you enjoy! Love is love, and love wins -- every time,” McIver said. The video was directed by independent film producer/director/writer Mark Mathias Sayre.