If you were hoping to get the scoop on Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's divorce from his latest album, "If I'm Honest," don't hold your breath. The Country Music Association Award-winner recently revealed that, despite reports to the contrary, his new music isn't laced with "juicy details" about the split — all hope's not lost, however.

Shelton, 39, sat down with CMT After MidNight to discuss the project. He told the outlet that the record is by no means an homage to his very public split from Lambert, 32. While the album will not be focused on the demise of their marriage, which came in July 2015, Shelton admits that it will touch on his efforts to move on after he and Lambert's relationship came to an end. Shelton added that there will be aspects of finding love after heartbreak in his music as well.

"It's not like there's all these juicy details [in the record], but [country music] lends itself to emotions and things that you go through when you go through a divorce and, more so, the getting over that and moving on and finding someone else," he said. 

The "Voice" coach's comments come just days after In Touch Weekly, whom Shelton is suing for making false claims about his personal life, published a story calling his new album a "cheating tell-all." The publication alleged that "If I'm Honest" was not so much about the "Sangria" singer's alleged infidelity, but rather his ex-wife's. The gossip magazine said that while Shelton had not personally written each song on his new album, he had chosen several songs to be included due to the relevance of their message to his situation.

The first single off Shelton's album, "Came Here to Forget," was released on March 8. The song features lyrics about drowning the sorrows of a broken heart in alcohol before getting back at the one who left him feeling that way. According to Entertainment Weekly the song is one of the few that wasn't written by Shelton. The site credits Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan with "Came Here to Forget's" revenge-filled lyrics.

"If I'm Honest" will be released May 20.