Blizzard Hercules Snow Totals 2014; Winter Storm Blankets Northeast States Massachusetts And New York

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  • Hercules Snow
    Snow in Manorville, N.Y., on Long Island, totaled 12 inches and had snowdrifts of about 30 inches.
  • Hercules Snow
    Snowfall in Selden, N.Y. on Long Island after Winter Storm Hercules.
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Turns out the weathermen were right this time. Winter Storm Hercules was predicted to dump more than several inches of snow on the Northeast, and as it turns out, the storm lived up to its name.

Not only did the first storm of 2014 deliver snow, it pelted the Northeast with ferocious winds and bitter cold, and it really took its frustrations out on New England, where more than a foot of snow fell in many areas. New York and New Jersey were both under a state of emergency, while Massachusetts closed its state government.

"Each of our named storms has its own personality," Weather Channel winter weather expert Tom Niziol said, as quoted by Wunderground. "With Hercules, if you live in New England, you can feel the power. It's not only the snow, but it's the wind and the cold, too."

According to the National Weather Service, Boxford, a town that is just north of Boston, was blanketed with 21 inches of snow by Thursday night, and other parts of Massachusetts were nailed with nearly 18 inches.

A 100 million people, or almost a third of Americans, saw snow from the storm, it was reported. Though the Northeast seems to have received the most accumulation, the Midwest and Great Lakes also got significant amounts of the white stuff. Below is a list of snow totals so far from Winter Storm Hercules, as listed by Wunderground:


  • 3.1" near Auburn in southeast Nebraska
  • 1.2" in Omaha



  • 4.5" near Glasco
  • 2.0" in Salina
  • 1.5" in Topeka



  • 4" in Spanish Lake
  • 3.1" in St. Louis
  • 0.5" at the Kansas City International Airport



  • 4.7" in Fayette
  • 3.1" at the Davenport Municipal Airport
  • 2.2" at the Des Moines International Airport



  • 18" near Gurnee
  • 13" in Evanston
  • 10.9" at O'Hare Airport



  • 10.3" near Racine
  • 8.1" in Milwaukee



  • 12" in La Porte
  • 6.1" in Indianapolis



  • 12.1" near Stevensville
  • 11.1" at Detroit Metropolitan Airport



  • 9.4" in Toledo
  • 4.2" in Cincinnati (CVG Int'l Airport)
  • 3.3" in Columbus



  • 3" near Francisville



  • 10.1" in Clifton Heights
  • 8" in Bradford
  • 6" in Philadelphia



  • 6" in Oakland
  • 2.6" in College Park



  • 7.1" in Viola
  • 6.2" in Dover


New York

  • 15" in Fulton
  • 9.9" in Rochester
  • 6.6" in Buffalo
  • 6" in New York City (Central Park)


New Jersey

  • 8.5" in Newark
  • 5.8" in Cape May



  • 23.8" in Boxford
  • 23.5" in Topsfield
  • 14.6" in Boston



  • 7.5" in Canton
  • 7" in Windsor Locks
  • 6.5" in Milford
  • 4.5" in Bridgeport


Rhode Island

  • 8.5" in North Providence
  • 7" in Cranston



  • 17" in Woodford
  • 11" in Pownal


New Hampshire

  • 9.7" in Seabrook
  • 9.5" in Peterborough
  • 7.7" in Manchester



8.4" in Portland

6.8" in Kennebunkport

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